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After some thought, CORDILLERA is now Free.

A topic by ToothandClaw created Feb 16, 2016 Views: 338 Replies: 4
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After releasing the game back in October (completely broken) and struggling to get a fix until November out, due to terrible internet and technological restraints (which is a fancy way of say I have a shit pc), the games sales suffered. While I wasn't expecting sales of even about 20/30, I received far far lower. Only getting sales from people I knew personally who played the game for all of 5 minutes, said it was broken and never returned to it it. Now in it's working state I feel Cordillera should be played by anyone who should come across it.

Description of the game :

Far far away, lies a land high above the Clouds.

Take Aethel and her friend Luna on an adventure across the beautiful Cordillera. To save an ancient people on the brink of extinction from an Old Evil.

A 2D Platformer with a minimalistic and colourful artstyle.

I put about 4 months into this thing and also worked on an astounding soundtrack with my brother James. Even if this game isn't your thing, the soundtrack alone is nuts.

Feel free to tell me what you think of my little Game set high above the clouds.

Link to game :

this looks really cool! have you considered putting it on greenlight? if you put four months into it, and it looks (and sounds) like that, you'd probably have a pretty good chance!

Thank you! Never really considered it as an average playthrough was maybe 60-80 mins so I didn't think it'd be long enough for Steam, but I might just have to. I read somewhere that submissions cost a bunch though.

yeah, like $110 :/ it can be a major downside for sure.

Woah that's quite a price. I might look into it though, it appears to be only a one time fee per dev.