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My first game!

A topic by GINZUcz created Nov 18, 2017 Views: 175 Replies: 20
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Hi guys i already shared my first game what i ever made!

Please download my game (Pong)


It is like an first game what was ever made xD

And there is multiplayer too! (but only on one computer)

Nice for a first game

Thank you! :)

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hey could check out my first game pots for money

what's a co-op

cooperation (teamwork)

you mean like making a game together


what do you use for creating games (which game engines)

Game Maker and RPG Maker MV and now i want learn in Unity

I am using unity right now I recommend tutorials from brackeys


Could U tell me where I can download RPG maker MV

if you give me your facebook or skype i will send you link :D

facebook :- PaulMjParker


Thanks for sharing your game, but please read the community rules before posting. This board is not for advertising your own projects.

Ok! But i think if it is general discussion i can post what i want. but i cant :D

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