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Achievement Guide?

A topic by Roboflop created Sep 07, 2021 Views: 1,901 Replies: 20
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Hi! I'm having some achievement trouble. The ones I'm having trouble with are the one where you only do nice things for Storm, the one where you have an exceptionally profitable day with Themba, and and one where you convince Asterion that loincloths are back in style.

Any help to get these achievements would be appreciated!


The loincloths one is actually easier than it sounds.

Hanging around instead of doing any quest related actions should get you the nice things for storm one.  Buying clothes is kind of an overlap event so it's fine.

Now profitable day with Themba.  Not sure how I set that one off actually.


I'm pretty sure you have to have the math background and then spend your free time with Themba

Yeah I guess I was rocking that when I pulled it off.

Do you have any specific instructions on how to complete the Hinterlands and the loincloth ones?

First time the dress up menu shows just leave him in... that little number and assure him that kind of exposure is back in style.

As for Storm.  Well I'm not sure if it matters which new clothes you get but the jacket lets you take the home visits line which counts for "nice things for Storm".  There's also checking out the children section at the library, hanging out around the city center, hanging at the diner, and some other things.


for hinterlands: donate clothes; visit Storm's house; visit P's house; have dinner on the archeological site; hang out with storm in town plaza; read the fiction section at library; and talk to storm at the pond. the order doesn't matter much just pay attention that the seventh day you have limited options, i know the pond is available in the last day.

Great, thank you

Can someone tell me have to achieve both things on ch 12 i got the wine and the internet running. Do i have to do a completely new playthrough to get the achievement and not load an earlier save?

many achievementts are background specific. i'm not sure which ones you are asking for, but by definition you will need multiple playthroughs to get everything

The description on how to get the achievement was to accomplish both tasks by the end of ch 12 without cheating

ah ok, that means you can't make the tribute to the hotel shrines. you will have to get it done with the exploration team while you accomplish getting the internet in R&D aswell

ok thank you.

Hey guys! It' me Christopher Phillips. Well, I'm here because I need help for two of the achievements that I need to focus on getting them done. All I need is anyone's advice that could REALLY help me out, because, well......, a couple of them are confusing to me and I need help. Here's both of them: 

1.) Complete the two tasks in Chapter 12 on time WITHOUT cheating.

2.) Waste all of your days in the Hinterlands visiting the anthill.

That's it. If anyone could help me out on those achievements, I'll be happy. Thank you.

1) without cheating means you must make the tribute for the gods in the valley like argos suggests. this means you will have to accumulate enough stats for both R&D and exploration, and not tribute in one of the hotel altars (hestia, hades or hermes)

2) the anthill is an exclusive location for the speed runner background.

Hey! I've been trying to get as complete as I can as of .7 update! I'm struggling with a few achievements. This thread has been helpful for some of my achievement hunting so I thought I'd revive it.

1. I'm having trouble with My Little Bletchley Park. I know it's gotta be dropped by argos after he's attacked by the Bull in chapter 15. But I've tried a few different tries with different backgrounds, and he's not dropped it once. I haven't tried all the backgrounds, maybe i'm missing something? Additionally, is this translation of the diary the last ?????? project you can unlock? i got the gum, pool, bar and lounge screens, there's just that last one that's bugging me haha.

2. I am missing 2 achievements under Shedding a Light. The wiki doesn't have a good portion of achievements, so I'm assuming they're new to this update. One of them is secret, but the other says "Witness a secret better left buried" under it. based on it's placement, I'm assuming it's got something to do with the Hinterlands? This, I assume, is also related to the when you enter Hinterlands 3 again, and P can give you a shortcut summary of actives. I have one thing that is still ???? there that I haven't figured out.

It is also entirely possible that this is all still unfinished materiel that will come to fruition later, like the Bull head tab in Files. Or Some of it could be bugs. If anyone has any answers, please let me know! :)

It’s been a while since I last played but here is what I remember.

For the hidden achievement that says “witness a secret better left buried” under it, complete the tapir god’s request then go to the pond. You should get an option to explore the cave. When prompted, proceed further and you should find a feather, then you get the achievement.

For My Little Bletchley Park, this one I think is determined by how your prior interactions with Argos play out. When you first meet him on the second day, challenge the contract and pick the article that says “The Master and the Jailer are symmetrically bound by this article”, or if you have the Humanities or Leadership backgrounds, you can trick him. For the second challenge involving the sacrifice, when you get three chances to question his statements (five with Leadership), question the last statement that says “offer the sacrifice to one of the godmade shrines”. The day after you go out into the valley to retrieve the bundle, you should be prompted to make the sacrifice to one of the shrines within the hotel; Hermes, Hades, or Hestia, I don’t think it matters which one you choose(I chose Hestia). If you did everything correctly, then when he is attacked by the bull, you should receive the diary page. Translate the page to get the achievement. If it still doesn’t work after following these steps then I don’t know what else to do aside from just playing normally.

As for the last hidden achievement, I don’t remember.

P.S. I’m going off of memory so I might have made a mistake somewhere.

This worked perfectly!! Thanks for that, I would have never figured it out haha. There remains the last secret achievement, but I have purple Asterion now XD

is this the one? i forget how i got it, but i believe it has to do with the hinterlands expansion. mostly it has to do with the cemetery, it has a number of different ways that can play out in the last day, but it could also be the scene you return to the colonel state after doing the burial task.


Oh! Yah Purification is the one I'm missing. And the cemetery was just the hint I needed to solve it!! 

Spoilers obviously

But talk to the Skinned Tapir God, and do his questline. Go to the non fiction section of the library. On the last day, go to the Cemetery! 

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Thanks to this, I was able to unlock the achievement. Then things turn differently better when meet the sister in the church beforehand, and when you go to the pond and get the Shed scene. Adds a friendlier dialogue and fear to P
I did Second Church > Skinned Tapir quest > non-fiction > shed > cemetery