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Google Tilt Brush painting turned digital art installation in Unity

A topic by SpaceOwl created Nov 12, 2017 Views: 157 Replies: 1
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I'm an aspiring composer/sound designer for games and I've been collaborating with my local art gallery in Fort Wayne, IN, (Artlink Contemporary Gallery) to produce Google Tilt Brush paintings that artists in the area painted using the gallery's equipment.  I am taking the project files and importing them into Unity using their Google Tilt Brush SDK, and adding physics and sound elements in order to create a way to showcase these paintings in a digital art installation of sorts.  I know its not super gamey, but I thought it was a fun format to show off Artlink's VR paintings. 

This one is our first and its painted by Alyssa Deck, and titled Bee Garden.  I did the sound/music, and Kevin Brooks did the coding.

Thanks for checking it out.  I'm open to any comments that you might have!!!


Looks cool. I didn't know it was possible to import drawings from tilt brush in to a unity game like this. Definitely a cool way to create interactive environments.