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Thank you so much!  That’s so cool to hear.  

Awesome.  I'll check it out soon.  Thanks for the link

OHHH Is this a sequel to The Saikidou Incident?!

This is a fantastic jam game.  Found it via your comment on Lucas Pope's latest devlog. I would play a longer version of this.

<3 I hope you enjoy your time with it!

Cool! Sadly, I don't think I have time to participate in this one, but I'll keep an eye out to see if you host more! Thanks.

BookBound Game Jam community · Created a new topic Rating

I would be interested in doing an interpretation of The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.  Is it okay that it's a short story, and would the portrayed violence be allowed?  There's quite a bit of violence against animals in it.  

I just read through your 3 blog posts for the first day.  Really enjoyed it.  I just love how different people's worlds and bookstores can be.  I also like how you did writing between customers, and how you started roleplaying with characters and then integrating the different roll checks throughout the interaction.  Some people do all of their rolls first and then write (which is what the book recommends) but it's just as valid and cool to do it in more of a serialized way.  Thanks for posting those.  I hope you're having fun with it.

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Yeah.  Really the only way to get through to them is to sell them books since you subtract that from the number to beat.  So if they buy a few books, their number to beat is no longer 20 the next time they come in.  

I’m not super into the capitalistic aspect of that but I didn’t want to introduce yet another number to track, like amount of times visited and subtract that.  I guess I just wanted to keep it in theme and simple so I landed on books sold.  

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Oh this is great! Thanks for sharing. 

“is the world full of goblins and elves?" so - you know what, yes.  Yes it is.

You look to be following the rules just right, and I’m glad to see you messing with the numbers to role-play.  The agriculture book series had me laughing.  Can’t wait to read more!  

Thank you so much!  So grateful that you played-tested this.
My first one was this one.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  You can even remix it and play it two-player by sending letters to a friend witch!

Thank you!  Yeah I’ve only played a few but I really like them as like creative writing prompts.  

This game is about exploring an imaginary world through the perspective of a bookstore worker. Talk to customers and keep track of their stories as you work day to day. These interactions are driven by prompts based on your dice rolls and are completely made up by you as you write in your journal. Interactions are taxing on your Social Energy, but this can lead to fun roleplaying moments.

Bookstore by Chance by Space Owl! (

This is my first time making a TTRPG / journaling game, but I found quite a few people to play-test it before release and used their feedback to improve the game.  I've had some enthusiastic responses from them and one of them said it was one of the more enjoyable journaling games they've played.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ah, thank you so much!!  I don't consider myself a writer, so I always just pull from my own experiences and hope for the best.  

I just played your skeleton game for the bitsy jam.  Very fun use of Bitsy.  My giraffe was so broken. lol

Oh, wow.  I'm so grateful for this post.  Literally the most I'd hope to get from making something like this.


Claire, the auto mechanic, can actually be your euchre partner to get the time capsule back from the bar owner if you bury the capsule behind your house in the first part of the game.  You can also take her to get pizza or go to the diner once she's "in your party."  Some people might get Fernando from the pizza shop before knowing that Claire is an option. 

I originally wanted to have several different people around the town who could come along with you for various paths, but the scope of the game was getting too big.  

Seriously, thank you so much for the comments.  Made my day!

ohhhh that’s very simple.  Haha.  Thank you

yeah!  It was tricky to juggle all of the variables but bitsy always surprises me on how robust it is. Such a cool tool. 

Filling in the pond color was neat! How'd you do that?!

I definitely have a museum of game ideas inside my notes app. I’ll never visit it. This is cool!

The art is so good. <3

Nice. I got a haunted clown painting. Now I have weird dreams.



Thanks for sharing this. <3 someone left trash everywhere but I tried to clean it all up for ya. 

This is a really beautiful use of the jam theme. I’m glad you’re here to share this with us. <3

Thank you so much!  Glad you enjoyed it.  This is the first time I've used conditional lists for dialogue in Bitsy.  I actually don't think that existed when I made my last few games.  Haha.  I love seeing how much is possible with such simple tools.

That's amazing to hear!  Exactly what I was going for <3  Thanks for playing and telling me about it.  I look forward to playing your game soon.  I'm aiming to do a whole run-through of the submissions soon!

beautiful game! Thanks for sharing.  Love the color palette and vibe of the memory that you captured.  

So clever to use Bitsy for a mystery like this. Very charming.

Amazing.  Thank you so much for doing that!

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Yes!! Claire is definitely the character I want to give more to haha

Oh, thanks! Definitely a bug in my list of options.  I intended for it to not re-iterate that stuff.  I'll try to fix that as well.

Oh, thank you so much!! I still haven't play-tested half the stuff so I'm so glad to hear it worked well enough to enjoy it haha.  

Yeah, when I add some polish I intend to have more diverging aspects.  Especially the ability to interact with more characters regardless of the place you originally buried the time capsule so that you can see how your interactions with them change depending on their importance to you finding it later.  

This is one of the more ambitious Bitsy's I've ever made because choices in the beginning directly affect the path of the story later. It was way more involved than I expected so I'll hopefully flesh it out soon but wanted to submit before the deadline.  Do be kind with my heart <3

love it

I’d love to hear about where you landed with the portability between Bitsy and Pulp.  I’ve been wondering if I could somehow transfer room, and art data so that I could port without having to redraw everything. 

Wow, your bitsy games are so nice.  I love how you use the medium as a poetic form and keep it simple.  You're convincing me to maybe use modifications to Bitsy.  I was afraid to dig into them because I like the simplicity of the original tool and don't want to overcomplicate things enough to make it hard to make a game.  haha Anyway, lovely work. You're amazing.

This is beautiful.  Love the use of a single room to create a visual poem. So glad you're feeling better, too.

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