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Unreal engine 4 programmer looking for collaboration.

A topic by dasmehdi79 created Sep 01, 2021 Views: 216 Replies: 5
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I'm an unreal developer and I'm ready to work with any other team or individuals to make games. 

I can program in both C++ and blueprints. 

Hello , may we talk via discord? togaykurtulus#6063

Hey! I reckon you'd fit into our team of 7 perfectly and would love to send you a quick brief of the project for you to decide if you're interested! my Discord username is FatBat#0275 (not the most professional username but there is a backstory)

Hi im 3d and 2d artist 


Feel free to contact me below if you have any interest in working together.

we use unity and make 2d games interested 

If you like to cooperate on a realistic scoped project we both like, just contact me for more. I am an experienced UE4 user, focusing on

effective workflows to reach results quickly. Here some examples from me:

pinball mechanics:

Mapping & 3D Portfolio/Examples:

More details/capabilities of me:

self-made Sci-Fi assets video:

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