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Hey thanks for your playthrough, i had to translate what u said and you need to use the wrench after u plugged in the engine part and the handle turns on the power so u can plug in the batteries.

I'm an unreal developer and I'm ready to work with any other team or individuals to make games. 

I can program in both C++ and blueprints. 

You sure it's gonna take that long? It's really small amount. 

I did. They never respond to anything , i don't think anyone is actually reading the emails it's probably for decoration only :) 

I initiated a payout six days ago to check if the information i gave u is correct but it looks like it's stuck in review mode, does that mean that there's something wrong on my side? And how do i fix it? 

Beo can u give us an screen shot of how u did the menu widgets its so cool. 

I always struggle with UMG so if u wanna help pls email me.

u should have right clicked on the device itself to access the keycard not the safe

hey thanks for playing. but why is the game so slow? whats the specs of you computer?

thanks for commenting yeah the movement is not frame independent and I didn't really optimize this game 

nice gameplay but how did that glitch happen on your second playthrough wtf.

the bedroom door not closing is not a glitch u have to look into the darkness for at least 1.5 sec in order to trigger the event and progress the game. also in order to unlock the doors and drawers u have to click RMB first then left click on the right key to open. but u were pressing tab which is just opening inventory.

thanks. glad you liked it.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Hey, thank you for playing my game.