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Tap 'n' Build 3D - Free Tap & Crafting Game

A topic by Radicaltide created Nov 12, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 3
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It’s an idle clicker game. Meaning there are turrets, that gather resources while you are offline. It's completely FREE.

You can also check out all of my other games here at .

You start by tapping on the trees, to gather wood. The first tools you can craft are all made of wood. You can immediately craft a bucket, axe and a pickaxe. These give you the ability to gather all the resources neccessary to build the first Town Level. Building the town unlocks new items to craft. Including turrets, that gather online and offline.

There are different levels you can play. Each with their own unique resources, buildings, tools and turrets. I could tell you a lot more, but it’s more fun, if you just see it for yourself.
Enjoy… I made it for YOU.

You can get it for free from Google Play .


Why not also link to the project page right here on

Thanks for the advice :)
I added the link.


You should add a direct link to your game so the topic listing can pick it up and show the thumbnail.