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[Rev-Share]Looking for programmers and artists.

A topic by RioDakota created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 252 Replies: 3
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Hey All! We are working on a first person RPG and We Are Currently a team of 3 and looking for Programmers and 2D and 3D artists(including environmental artist).We Currently have a programmer and a story writer, and we already have a composer :) If Intrested Email me at or dm me on discord: riobio55#1958

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Hi :)
 I model in 3d (using Blender) and have created content (mods) for a number of strategy games. More prominently Civilization III, but also Medieval 2: Total War and Age of Wonders mods.

I do this as a hobby, yet if anyone would be interested in models or rendered gfx of my focused-upon architectural type (intricate monuments, etc), you can contact me. They come with a small fee, yet feel free to ask (as I noted, this is a hobby for me, not a regular job :D ) RPG games may work just fine with medieval cathedrals.

Anyway... in the following render there are three of my Byzantine models: The Hagia Sophia, the holy apostles, and the Acheiropoietos. First one in Constantinople, the other two in Thessaloniki.

Byzantine scene

Render of the Holy Apostles church

Regards, Kyriakos

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Hi ,

 I model in 3d ( using Blender .....Hi KyriakosCH ^^)

I started an FPS  ( progress ) with many other projects

( contact me : )


I am a C#/Unity developer. You can see my portfolio with some of my work here:
Discord: Schweetness101#5269