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The Team:

The game currently has a group of 2 people working on concepts. Nothing is set in stone and if you join the team, any ideas you have can also be included in the project.

The game is being built in the Unreal Engine using C++, but if you know the Blue Print system well, please also apply.

SteamFall—Game Description

SteamFall is a open world RPG inspired by such games as Metro 2033, Fallout & The Steampunk genre as a whole!

once the player has completed the intro mission they is free to do whatever they please, go wherever they want.

The Game has a Realisticish look mixed in with steampunk.

The World will be diverse! you could go from dark areas with beasts and monsters to areas with normal people, Gigantic structures and buildings. this is our goal! to make a world that you could’ve imagined being filled with people.

You wake up as the character you have created, and set out into a world that has been engulfed by mysterious beasts, dangerous factions and bandits.

will you discover the truth about how humanity got to this state? its up to you.

We Are Looking For:
  • Unreal Engine Programmers

  • 3D Artists (Environment, Hard Surface, Rigging, Animation Etc)

If Interested Email Us At

Hey All! We are working on a first person RPG and We Are Currently a team of 3 and looking for Programmers and 2D and 3D artists(including environmental artist).We Currently have a programmer and a story writer, and we already have a composer :) If Intrested Email me at or dm me on discord: riobio55#1958

Hey All!. so im looking to build a small dev team.

All i want to start off with is a developer and a 2d artist, Im A Game Designer So I Got That Stuff Covered.

I Was Thinking we could make something simple to start then

once we get more members we could go bigger.

if your intrested email

Hey! So I'm looking to collaborate with some people to make a mobile app!

I'm a game designer so I will be designing the game.

We are gonna need a game developer and a artist.

If your intrested contact me at