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A topic by Sebastian Scaini created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 352 Replies: 5
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While our school is on strike, we did Strike Jam. In this jam, we had to make a game between the time the strike started, and ended (although as of writing this it is still ongoing).

My team made what we consider to be what a dating sim would be like as a wave survival shooter. We are happy to present to you: FPS TRUE LOVE.

In FPS TRUE LOVE you need to blow kisses at oncoming Cuties in order to give them the power of love, turning them into extremely muscular lovey-dovey people. However, if you're not careful they may overwhelm you with their love. So grab your best lipstick because it's time to start smooching!


You can play the game for free! Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


Dude, that's so gay. :P Love the idea. And the art style. Too bad it crashes when I try to run it under Wine, but oh well.

I can try making a Mac build but I'd have no way to test it. I can get you set up if you want to playtest it for me.


Linux, actually, and it would likely still fail because Intel graphics. Sorry. But thanks for offering, you're very kind.

Hey Sebastian, I was wondering what music you used for this game.  I was watching a streamer play it and when he reached a "powered up" stage it played this

I was hoping i could get the song name you used. Thanks

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It's  1,2 no 3,4 by Trial & Error.

All the music in the game is remixes of this song that we bought licenses for.