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SalesBundles crash?

A topic by eeveewarrior created Nov 09, 2017 Views: 211 Replies: 4
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Today I recieved a prompt to update to a new version so I could continue using it. After updating, it works fine for the most part, but seems to randomly stop working and crash.


1. Is that on Windows?

2. Please send your app log (Bottom-left menu => Preferences => Advanced => Open app log)

3. What do you mean by stop working / crash exactly?

4. Can you send a screenshot of the crash?

5. Did anything else change on your computer recently, besides updating itch ?

1. Yes, it's on Windows

2. How should I send it? Copy paste it here?

3. It stops responding entirely, and after a couple seconds, a box pops up looking like...

4.  ...this, and if I close the box so does itch

5. Nothing that I can think of.


I think I've found the issue - again - it's an electron bug that leads to crashes.

I'm going to be releasing v23.6.0 today with a newer electron version which should hopefully resolve this for you.

Alright, thanks! :3