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Having trouble connecting my game page to my Steam page

A topic by NextZenMechanics created Nov 08, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 1
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I assume I simply right click on the Steam page and 'copy URL' to put it in the link portion of my Itch page. Obviously, the 'Steam' link portion? Any insight would be greatly appreciated on this. When I paste it in, nothing happens. I want to get the Steam gear to appear in Itch.

Thanks again,


Hello, I'm not sure what you mean about showing a Steam gear. We don't do that anywhere. External links are added to you project page show up in the more information box, and are shown across the top of your download page. If you want to give out copies of your game on Steam with an purchase youll need to add Steam keys from the distribute section on your project edit page.