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I am a beginner in game dev

A topic by WitnessM created Nov 08, 2017 Views: 164 Replies: 6
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i made this game to see if i can finish a playable game can you guys please check it out and give me your reviews, here is the link

it is an android game.


Your link returns a 404 error, and the game doesn't show up in your profile either. Make sure it's published.

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sorry. it's my first time here i forgot to publish it publicly, it's done can't wait to hear your thoughts


Sorry, I don't have a Google account. Why not upload the game to as well, and for that matter add a screenshot or two, so people can see what you're inviting them to download and play?

i will i want to add a few more levels first to increase gameplay time


Thanks for sharing your game, please add images to it. Right now there are no screenshots or a cover image. Additionally, you should try to add some gameplay footage as well, either a video or gif.

i have added an executable for windows and a few images, i am not planning to make this game a big deal it's just my first game, in the sense that i wanted to see if i can make one after reading a few books