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butler doesnt show the pushes I just did.

A topic by Crazyface Games created Nov 06, 2017 Views: 148 Replies: 1
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Hey guys I tried pushing some new versions of my game up last night and while the command line said they got pushed up fine a butler status would show no changes not even pending. 

This made me think it was not working and I pushed a few times, deleted what was up and pushed again. Couldn't get it to work even waiting 10-20minutes. I went to bed thinking it didn't work. Then woke up this morning to find and email 10 hours saying some pushed and some failed to build...

Is this a known issue with butler? Can we fix it? :P I ended up creating a new project on game jolt in frustration of just wanting to post an update to my project. The tools should not be a hindrance...


Hello, we had some temporary issues with the butler processing server. It should be fully functional again, tell me if you are still having issues. Thanks