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How long does it take for an update to be processed?

A topic by nidma created Nov 05, 2017 Views: 205 Replies: 2
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Good night gents, I updated my game today using butler, I already had a working version before and the first version went live minutes after being uploaded, but this update (which tripled the size of the game) is still being processed after almost 6 hours... This version is anticipated for some players, and that delay had me upload the game to Mega and share it like that, so I'm asking so I can prepare myself better for the next update, how much time does the updates need to process? Is there something that influences that? Size? Number of changes?

Thank you all for you help!


Hey nidma,

We've had some server issues that needed looking into, but things are all back to normal.

A normal processing time is in the "few minutes", not 6 hours :)

I've seen it, thanks Amos, good to know.