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Você pode consultar a lista dos bugs e erros conhecidos no link a seguir:

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Versão atual: WIP1.1

Aqui você encontra os próximos passos que vamos tomar com o jogo:

It will, I'm having problems compiling the build, but I'm working on it, I have to reinstall the linux package on unity to see if it will solve, but I should have something on the next few days.

There's a new version coming around 20th, I've made some changes to the game, please check if it's working when I release.

Which version are you trying to play? Because you are the first to report that

Are the games required to be developed just during the jam? Cuz I have a lewd project already in the works.

I've seen it, thanks Amos, good to know.

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Good night gents, I updated my game today using butler, I already had a working version before and the first version went live minutes after being uploaded, but this update (which tripled the size of the game) is still being processed after almost 6 hours... This version is anticipated for some players, and that delay had me upload the game to Mega and share it like that, so I'm asking so I can prepare myself better for the next update, how much time does the updates need to process? Is there something that influences that? Size? Number of changes?

Thank you all for you help!