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Feedback, please. Sticky

A topic by Patrik Samuel Tauchim created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 872 Replies: 12
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I need your feedback to make Factorico better - for me, for you, for others. Please, let me know what do you like and what you dont like.

Factorico also has a FacebookTwitter and Wiki.

Thank you.

so I played the game and here is some feedback.

let start by the thing that I like seeing.

-building your factory is easy to handel from top down. it kinds remind me of free enterprise (I will post a video what i mean by it).

-every button reacted normal and ui handeling is good but can be better because I have no idea what every symbol means but if you make a tooltip what button is what it makes it a lot more better.

so now for the thing that could be better.

-I have no idea how my workers go to there spot. is it programmed AI or do i have to control it by myself?

-the handeling of the mouse is weird. for example holding the right mouse button and drag to turn the screen is sometimes not very reactive and zooming in and out are invert on the mouse wheel.

-If i want to stop playing I can't there is not quit button or escape that stops the program.

and now the video what I mention.

I hope i have help you so that you can make progress.



Hello DragonGino,

Free Enterprise is definitely source of inspiration.

I am happy that you like top down view during construction. Funny fact is, that it is not inspired by FE. Originaly construction should be realized using normal view, like most of RTS games, but I had issues with raycasting due to the camera angle, so I made construction camera  in 90° angle to the floor, as workaround. I will possibly add a button to switch to this top down view for normal gameplay, because I like it so much since then!

Tooltip for UI buttons is definitely planned and must have feature. I just did not figured out easy way to realize it, yet.

Workers have simple AI, so they should handle all task automaticaly. In near future, it will be posible to assign some workers to only some machines and set some priotities.

Regarding camera rotation, how does it sound to use Q and E for turning camera around, since we use WASD for movement? For arrow keys alternative would be something like / and * key for rotation aand + and - for zoom. 

I will add menu with Exit button in next update. It is actually alread done, but due to UI changes, it was never made public. I just got used to press Alt+F4 and completely forgot about this.

There are also two other topics you may find interesting:

I had also added Facebook and Twitter links to the first post, where I also post update information. There is also wiki link up there, where we should have all information about the gameplay. And I just got idea to put those links into game itself!

Thank you very much for spending you time with Factorico and sharing your feedback.  I hope that I will prove value of feedback in next updates.




hey could you add a tutorial i dont know anything about this game

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Hello poobradoor,

it is actually a bit tricky with the tutorial and documentation, as many features are still changing with every update. For me personally, it takes more time to document existing features than develop new ones. However, unified interface and controls will come with new update, so it will be definitely worth to make some tutorials. There is also a Wiki linked in first post, which could be filled with content by earlycomers.

Thank you for feedback and stay tuned for next update. app will take care of that, once ready (hopefully June).  ;-)


yes a turtorial please


Hello there, I like the concept of this game allot, i do have some problems and suggestions though. First off, maybe some sort of music, dosent have to be made for the game maybe just some sort of royalty free music, second of all, how do i make the forklift place items on the depaleterizer and how do you remove machines you have placed. i think making a tutorial would be a good idea for the game, but i understand why you don't want to (poobradoor's post). I hope this game is still being worked on.

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Hi there!
I am definitely planning on adding music and sounds at some point, but general playability has to come first.

Short answer to your question:
Click on the Depalletizer, and select stuff, that has to be depalletized.

Long one:
To be able to depaletize stuff, you need to get some stuff first. Buy some stuff on the Market and it will be delivered on the Pallet. Then you need Depalletizer connected to Conveyor Belt, which should probably lead to some machine to turn stuff into different stuff. Output of machine goes to Conveyor Belt again and  eventually leads to Palletizer, which will place it back to Pallet (you will need empty Pallet!). Pallets are moved by Forklift, which has to be operated by Worker.

To get rid of stuff, sell it on the Market. Forklift will move it out.

There is currently no way to remove placed stuff, so be careful when placing it. I know this is a big issue and I am working on introducing this fuctionality with next update, but I have no idea when that will happen. Fun fact to serve as an evidence: When you click on Depalletizer, you will see Remove option in the menu, but it does not work yet.

It is so cool to see that my little creation is still being discovered by new people. Factorico is currently in very neglected state, as you can see for yourself, but the project is not dead! Looking forward to winter, which should allow me to make some publishable progress. Currently, most of the stuff is broken due to complete rework of core fuctionalities.

If you would like to support Factorico, spread the word about it. It would be great if someone made a youtube video about it! Perhaps a tutorial? :-)

Have a great day,


Thank you very much!

Is there going to be any further update on the game?

I am crazy about factories... from capitalism games and factory (retro game on mac os) through free enterprise, factorio, incredible machine, industry giant and others this little demo ticks a lot of boxes for potential. Only got one question... would be on the plans to have factory based on eras? like at first a lot of people and lack of organisation, then stations, then huge machines (always envisioned making a game based on paper making with huge machines) and so on?

Hi silicone_girl,

With long breaks, I am still working on Factorico. Currently, core features are being reworked, so everything else is broken, so it will take a while to get some working version of the game. I am trying to make underlying systems flexible and scalable, as this will be necessary for future development. However, this is big challenge for beginner programmer. I had to scale down and simplify few things, but still trying to keep the game realistic and detailed as possible.

Factorico should definitely allow for multiple approaches in how would you like to "make the stuff". No need to go back in time, just look at countries with cheap labor, where assembly line can consist of conveyor belt with many workers around. Having different eras is also something I am definitely planning on, in far future. So you could progress from factory with smoking chimneys, full of dirty men, to the clean high-tech factory, full of robots, with almost no staff. One day...

So, Factorico is not dead, just the progress is really slow.

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Hey, i tried it and it looks cool! But i have no idea how to make this factory work? Ah, i see your screnshots! I will try that settings later again. Looks cool so far!

Maybe not being able to spawn infinite workers, it caused the UI and the screen to go black and then the workers clothes started phasing on and off until everyone was just naked or black