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Factorico - Factory simulation game

A topic by Patrik Samuel Tauchim created Sep 08, 2017 Views: 1,709 Replies: 16
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Hello, as complete programming and Unity beginner, I had started working on this project like 2+ years ago. Since it was one man, free time & in-mood project, progress was kind of slow. However, in recent months, as I already have some (questionable) level of skill, I managed to invest more time and efford to make some big steps towards playable game. While  end result is still far from being fun to play, lacking some basic features and contains many bugs, I had decided to bring this creation, hardly to be called "alpha", to daylight.

So today I'm proudly presenting you what I named Factorico, factory simulation game, where you take role of factory manager/owner to take care of everything that processing and manufacturing of goods requires. Hire workers, buy equipment, desing production lines, manage resource and cash flow and so on.

Factorico is inspired by old game called Free Enterprise, but should bring new ideas, more features and details.

As more features are present, things are getting more complicated to test and debug for me, so I'm looking for some passionate people, who are interested to try out game in this early stage of development in order to provide me with valuable feedback.

Platforms available for now:

  • Windows x86
  • Windows x86_64

Platforms potentionaly available:

  • Linux - I dont have capacity to test linux builds at all. Ask for it.
  • MacOs/OSX/iOS/That thing - I dont have stuff with apple logo on it. Ask for it.

Missing features, that I consider basic, but I did not bothered to include are:

  • Save/Load support
  • Removal of already placed objects

Know bugs:

  • Forklift can get blocked by inactive workers
  • Object placement does not check, if object can be actually accessed by workes/forklift, which can leed to bad situations. Please keep that in mind and leave atleast 1 meter for workers and 2 meters for forklift.
  • Workers sometimes jumping/falling. Just visual glitch

Working so far:

  • Placing few machines
  • Producing few products
  • Hiring workers
  • Importing/Exporting resources/finished products
  • Workers operate machines and distributing resources around factory

Instructions to play:

Typical production line setup is:
Depalletizer > Conveyor > Unboxing Station > PCB Solder Paste Printer> Conveyor > PCB Pick & Place > Conveyor > Reflow oven > Conveyor > Boxing Station> Palletizer
While input is Calculator PCB (Blank) and output is Calculator PCB (Complete)

You and also make 2 plasic kinds plastic items using Injection molding machine.

Feedback I'm looking for:

  • Unexpected behaviour of implemented features
  • Crashes
  • Deadlocks
  • UI problems - UI just sucks, I know, but it should work, somehow
  • Performance problems

Feedback I'm NOT looking for:

  • I want feature ABC
  • I want feature XYZ
  • Graphics sucks
  • UI sucks
  • It just sucks
  • This post is long or sucks

Instalation instructions:

  • Use App for best results

Version 120917-0840 is out now.

Changes and fixes:

  • Resolved major issues with queueing of items on angled conveyors (Conveyor Belt Right and Conveyor Belt Left)
  • Removed limitation causing that only firstly placed Forklift Parking Zone is used for parking.
  • Improved pathfinding around machines with operator
  • Some little fixes and improvements

Version 180917-2328 is now out! More on Devlog:

We already have a wiki, where you can currently find 12 articles about some stuff you can find in Factorico. More coming!

+ Updated first post.


Hi! Are you aware that your game name is almost identical to the popular and similar game Factorio? Because that could cause some friction.

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Hello, I am aware of that. Well, while I was thinking about name, I had considered many options, but most of them ended up in trash right after checking domain name availibility, even when checking for many non-com domains, some of them very expensive.  As I wanted name including "FACT", not just as a reference to factory, which plays a key role in my game, but also as reference to manufacturing in general. While checking for other existing software, not limited to just games, but including proffessional manufacturing process management and visualisation applications, not many options were left on table. And there is many companies who include "fact" in their names... I guess, that Factorio creators had a same trouble and probably every whatever-creator online is facing this issue.  Internet is a huge place and there will always be some friction.

So while taking existance of Factorio game in to consideration, I ended up with Factorico anyway, since it met most of my needs and online requirements (available domain, google results and so).

It is hard to say, if one letter/+10% difference  in name is enough to distinguish two "things" from each other. From internet user's/gamer's point of view, I would say it is okay in 2017, since we probably type, copy&paste, link, tag and hashtag more than we speak about internet content, so I think this limits confusion and friction, but ofcourse, not completelly, which is not easily possible. If I forget about online world for a moment, I prefer Factorico to be seen more like "Factory Co". (And you guessed it, domain is in use ).

If I return to Factorico vs Factorio game similarity, the only thing that both games have in common is "fact" in name and a fact, that they both have something to do with manufacturing. It will be more and more obvious that Factorico is different kind of game as development will progress more.

Sure, someone could just think that I just want to parasite on other project, this is a rip-off and so on, as we can see with Xcraft or CraftY titles (now I wonder if Xcraft and CraftY actually exists). Nowadays, the "craft" word have became something, that many, not-only, block based world games have in common, but many of them are focusing on completely diffrent mechanics and feature sets. But if someone is still thinking that,  lets just agree on fact, that it just shows success of Factorio.  What can be more success proving than people being inspired by your work or copying it? (well, more success proving probably is that you had became rich in process).

I am sorry for a lenght of my reply, but I wanted to express my thoughts on this definitely good topic and show "behind the name" stuff, while answering some of possible questions, which may arise soon or later.

Thank you for your feedback. Have a great day.


Wow thanks for your story from behind the curtain. I like the FactoryCo idea, I didn't see that. I know you don't intend to "parasite" off of Factorio. Your game is clearly unique. Also Factorio will surely get some traffic from you too! Good game names are often hard to find.

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When time comes to stylization and some branding, I would like to play with FactoriCo idea, to see if it is any good and usable. Complete PepsiCo rip-off! 

By the way, thank you for coming back and taking time reading through.

I wonder if this topic got your attention just for name or if you actually tried Factorico? You made first reply since topic was posted and my project went public, so I am kind of confused with that. Maybe this project just sucks and there are no replies because I do not want "this suck" comments or there is another reason unknown to me.  :-)

yeah I have way too little time to play currently. I just saw the name while browsing at work. There are hardly any replies at (I don't get any either) so don't worry.

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Version 210917-1155 is now released.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Workers can now be fired, so you can get rid of them. Just left click on worker and click appropriate button. If worker is performing some task, he will leave after finishing it. Context menues CANT be closed yet, other then selecting some option. Will change with future update(s)
  • Fixed issues with task requiring forklift were not terminated properly, which could lead to task being repeated again and again.
  • Fixed forklift unparking procedure from parking zone and obstacle avoidance around it. Still not perfect, but works.
  • Added messages (at bottom of the screen) informing you, not just, about state of Export and Import orders.
  • Messages can be removed by clicking on them in extended list. Does not always work at 100%, will be fixed with next update.
  • Calculator case parts should be now correctly delivered on Pallet in boxes. Still no machine is using them, yet.

+ Updated first post.

Version 250917-1159 is out!

Main change in this update is complete reworked ingame UI. While it may apper that only colors are changed, opposite is true. Everything behind UI has been made from scratch and optimalised.

  • You have now option to close menues (for worker and depaletizer)
  • All information messages shoud be now removable.
  • As usual, some stuff has been fixed and improved.

Factorico version 280917-1442 is out!

While last update was mostly about stuff behind UI, today we have completely new UI, which have been completely redesigned. Now with icons. Some polishing and missing icons will come in future updates.

Changes and fixes:

  • New UI
  • Fixed control conflict causing scrolling in menues also to change zoom level.
  • Fixes clicking through UI. No more clicking on objects under UI.
  • Fixes informational messages about imports and exports, when names of items where not correct
  • Added some hints
  • Fixes some strings
  • Minor fixes and improvements as usual

Factorico update 021117-2202 is now out!

New features

  • Injection Molding Machine (IMM) for making plastic products, has be added to game.
  • Two new products (parts of Calculator): Calculator Case (top) and Calculator Case (Bottom) made by IMM
  • New resource Plastic Pellets (in bag), consumed by IMM
  • Workers can now carry items (above head). Only bags of Plastic Pellets are supported for now. They can be delivered and emptied to IMM's pellet hopper.
  • Some machines got updated models and textures


  • Workers disappearing
  • Workers operating Boxing and Unboxing Tables will leave it,  when there is nothing to do.
  • Wrong orientation of items on angled conveyors in some situations
  • Some other improvements, fixes and optimalizations

I was AFK for more than 3 weeks, so thats why it took a while from last update.

Update 091117-1311

New features & improvements

  • Empty containers (boxes, bags,...) are no longer listed in Buy/Sell/Depalletize menus, as there is no need for them now. Lists got shorter and easier to navigate.


  • Many fixes and optimalization regarding handling of Containers (Pallets, Boxes, Bags,...) including, but not limited to:
    • Fixed issue, when Pallet is first moved to Storage Zone and then moved to place where it is required.
    • Fixed positioning of Pallet content, which is no longer placed outside Pallet in certain situations
    • Fixed issue, when Pallet was not correctly processed by Export Zone.
  • Fixed crash, when Worker attempts to park Forklift, while there is no Forklift Parking Zone available, under certain conditions.
  • Fixed crash caused by Unboxing Table.
  • Fixed unparking of Forklift, it no longer jumps away.

New features & improvements

  • Improved collision detection in construction mode.
  • In construction mode, all parts of object being placed should be now colored.
  • In construction mode, right shift now works same ways as left shift - hold to place more object of the same type.
  • Added Exit button to left panel. No need to press Alt + F4 anymore. (just note, that there is no confirmation dialog, yet)
  • View can be rotated using Q and E keys, handy when you move using WASD keys. Or using / and * on numpad.
  • View can be zoomed using + and - key on numpad. Much smoother than using scroll wheel.
  • Unboxing Table renamed to Unpacking station
  • Boxing Table renamed to Packing station


  • Fixes issue, when empty Pallet was not delivered to Palletizer in some situations.
  • Fix issue, when some containers were not depalletized by Depalletizer
  • Fixed issue with workers being pushed out of factory - I removed hole in wall for now. We will get proper door soon.
  • Fixed rotation of container at Packing station
  • Some random fixes and improvements

Known issues:

  • Palletizer places some objects at incorrect position and rotation at the Pallet. (this bug is back or recreated)
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Finally, Factorico version 081217-2211 is out!

Most of the changes in this update are internal, behind the scenes, improvements, optimalizations and fixes. There are few visual changes for your eyes and playability. Well, not so few.

Noticeable changes:

  • Palletizer has new model and its function is now fully animated.
  • UI ToolTips: Options in left panel now have text tooltip (appears while hovering mouse over icon).
  • UI Scaling has been fixed/ improved
  • Factory now has proper door (still waiting for proper texture)
  • Factory now also has proper loading/unloading ramp, with access stairs for workers
  • Factory Floor has been retextured
  • MainMenu scene has been updated

Behind the scenes:

  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance has been improved a lot
  • Stacking items on pallets have been optimalized to improve performance
  • Fixed issue with I forgot what.
  • Many big and small changes, fixes and improvemens.

I had managed to break some basic features, like connecting machines together, with last update. Today, it should be working again:


  • Fixed incorrect orientation  of inputs/outputs and control panels of some machines
  • Fixed incorrect orientation of Pallet at Depalletizer

Unmentioned changes from last update:

  • Forklift moves up to 2x times faster

It's nice idea. I'm looking for something like this game for Mac. What do you thing to make it on Mac too ?