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Crescent Loom -- like Spore, but with neuroscience!

A topic by wick created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 364 Replies: 4
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Heya! I've been working on a creature-creation game called Crescent Loom that is based on my neuroscience research.

You stitch together a creature's bones, muscles, and senses, and then weave biologically-realistic neurons into a functional brain:

The blue hexagon on the right is the creature's brain; you need to figure out how to connect neurons in order to get your creature's muscles to fire in the right order. It's sorta like programming the computer to play QWOP, but with real neural circuits.

Creatures can eat each other (of course):

And there's a racing mode where creatures are saved online and will show up in other player's games, depending on how successful they are:

The game is still far from being done; yesterday, after finishing up fulfilling all my Kickstarter obligations, I have officially entered open development and am working on it as time and funding allow.

Itch page (PC/Mac/Linux) ::

In-browser demo :: (it's mostly identical to the paid version, but is a bit slower + jankier just due to being in-browser, e.g. it can't save creatures locally)

More information ::

Would love to hear what you think! :)



This looks great. Did you recently push out an update for this? I see that you last devlog update was 106 days ago

Yeah! I've been meaning to switch over to the itch devlog system, but formatting the same post for Kickstarter, my own site, and here was too much (though now, in retrospect, I could have just posted links...). Now that Kickstarter is off my plate, I'll be updating this one instead.


Cool, thanks. We recently added a devlogs page here to give posts more exposure, and we're going to start using devlog posts as a sign of activity so the games can show up on popular games more easily, so I recommend posting regularly if you can.

A+, will do! Doing devlogs was a great habit to get into for me, I think it's awesome that you're encouraging them.