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Export hand movement to BVH file format · By totalvortex

need ideas for the tool

A topic by totalvortex created Aug 09, 2021 Views: 713 Replies: 60
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ideas, doubts, suggestions...


new beta! solved few bugs.


A new update is just awesome! It tracks two hands now and could open via Blender, Motionbuildre and Bvhacker. 
Great tool!


A test.


New Release, it solved firts frame and time.
Thanks for visit my project page.

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Oh Cool, I have Leap Motion but I have some concerns before buying it....

1. You don't discuss what the product is or how that works except for a simple video that doesnt explain much so that is very confusing.
2. No documentation provided either or at least not that I see to support it.
3. It's unclear if this just does hand tracking or if it is able to do full body tracking.
4. It's unclear if this is a Blender Plugin or Not.

Developer (1 edit)

it's very easy to use, put your leap motion on, check the track... ,push f3 to record and f4 to stop it recording. And it the folder out you have 2 bvh with the animation recorded in two hands.

it's like the video,and it works with blender and many programs ... and  it is NOT a blender plugin


I immediately apologize for the machine translation, I hope everything will be clear

From time to time I resume trying to find something convenient for Leap Motion and inexpensive for about a year. And quite by chance I stumbled upon your solution. Almost danced with happiness, but as it turned out, the position of the palm itself is not recorded. Is it not worth hoping for?

At the same time I found a strange reaction to the mouse wheel:
as long as i don't touch it, all the keys work as they should, as soon as i scroll the wheel forward, all directions changed: W-->backward, S-->forward, A--> right, D-->left 
and shift behavior is unusual. why not make it a multiplier of the speed of movement?


hello, first of all thank you for the answer. When the speed drops below 0 the movement is reversed, and the position of the hand is so to be able to put it " child of the forearm", as the video in blender.


So isn't it better to use the palm offset and specify it as IK for the hand? It will turn out more realistic


i'll keep that in mind at the next release...



Comming soon...

New Release avaiable... 
Have fun!.

next release :) again...

info of bones.

Hey Totalvortex

very glad to see the progress, thank you
is it possible to get information from the elbows as well?



 it's posible... whait for next release...
Have Fun!.


be patient...


New GUI for the next release...

Hi, I just purchased this tool and it works well. Question  : what is the fps to set in Blender playback for having the original recording speed in video renders? 


In blender you can scale the animation. The program only record when it tracks. Be careful.


Here an example...
Have fun and thanks for the comments.

I think cloud62 doesn't really mean that. I was also interested in this question, but then i saw an option in the import settings.bvh and it turns out that the animation is recorded at 124 fps


The recording of the animation depends on the usb port and the pc that is used. 123, 124FPS It is the maximum that the device reaches in my pc (I7, usb 3.0, SSD).

In next releases i will try to ajust the FPS.

More ideas please...

If you need ideas, then I liked ability to select camera position in Leap Service Provider :)

Yep, would be a good idea to be able to set a standard fps, like 24, 30, 60 etc for recording. It might save some resources on very fast machines that are recording faster than necessary.

Concerning new ideas, I suggest to implement a better UI, maybe based on OpenGL... there are a few open source UIs out there.


Hi, i was searching in the doc of Leap Motion, it's posible to change the orientation of the leap. The gui i want to use ImGUI, it's easy and i was used in other times.
Thanks for the comments.

ImGUI would be great!


Added ;)

Developer (1 edit)

Final Version of GUI.


Today new Release again!.

Tracking of Thumb finger corrected.

Wow, that was really fast! 


New release today.... Thumb tracking corrected, and new features...


New Release, now yout can select the output frame rate.

Thanks for the update with the new GUI and FPS settings. It looks great and adds to convenience.

I have a few more issues...

1. I see 4 hands and 4 shadows in the viewer. Why 4, not 2? What is the significance of the second pair of hands? Having 8 hands (inluding shadows) moving is a bit confusing at times. Shadow display could be an option to be turned on/off.

2. It would be good to have an object or two in the viewport, which one could touch and manipulate. Something like, a ball, a pencil, a book, a cup, a monkey head ;-)  ,  etc ( it could be user selectable). That way one could simulate and record the movements in   handling common real worls objects.

4. It would be good if the window and GUI state is saved and resumed upon program restart, so one could resume work without arranging things again.

3. How about providing a direct data fed into Blender? Is this feasible?


Developer (1 edit)

Hello everyone. 

1.- There are 2 pairs of hands because 1 is the API that shows the output of the LeapMotion and 2 is the BVH with the movements of the API plus the options correction. if your are confused, you can change the .OBJ file of resources/objects/bone.obj. It must have a texture and be triangularized.

 2 The inclusion of objects with physics can be done but it would slow down the process a lot.

3 It could be done, it is more I have thought about it but I like it more so, I do not know the Blender so deep or the python.

4 It is created with the Save config button.

Thanks for the comments.

(Thanks to bing translator) :) 

Have Fun!

Hi totalvortex, thanks for your explanation. Now that I understand, I will have a closer look on the benefits of having two pairs of hands. But still, could you make the shadow a toggle option?

About physics objects in the viewport, I wouldn't mind a little slow down. If my systen couldn't handle it, I would prefer an upscaled system, not a downscaled software. I have other leap motion software that has a dozen simulated objects in the viewport and there is no performance problem. I find it difficult to simulate e.g. a writing hand without actually seeing the movements of the pencil it holds. If this can be aided with a simulated object, it should definitely be done.



The shadow checkbox it's now active and you can see only the BVH.

About the physics it's not simple. I must to control the collisions and its a little dificult.

Next release will have a BVH parser im working on it.

See a screenshot.

Great, thanks for the shadow option. Yes, I understand that object collision is not a trivial matter. So maybe in some distant future this could be implemented. 


the next step I have in mind is to simulate the hands with the armature to use. That is, you load your armature (body) and join your hands with its scale and such.
Please download the new Release its one of the best.
Thanks for the comments!.
Have Fun!.


PD. The BVH templates of BVH hands files must be in the BVH directory (security reasons)).
: D


About the object collisions....
Another project in LWJGL (Java)

more info: totalvortex
Developer (1 edit)

Please download the new release, it has a lot of bug solved.

Today new release.....

Have fun!

Developer (1 edit)

New Release! Custom hands.

Be fun!


New Release compatible with Gemini drivers.

Have Fun!.

Hello! Thank you fr your amazing tool, but i confuzed with one thing. HAND1 has a bit twitchy and incorrect animation (look video), while HAND2 motion is pretty smooth. Is there any way to export to bvh exactly HAND2 animation?


Hello, and thanks for the coment.
Try to load the other template of hands that are in the zip file and reajust thumb options (F1).
It depends of the thumb finger start. If the Leap Motion dont see this finger it moves a little crazy.


mmmmmm it's posible, but I must create the armature with the program, but it's posible!, next releases could be.


Try the new Gemini update. It take the rotations from the bones of the API.
Thanks next time i uploaded a template for the API hand.

Have fun!.


testing the BVH parser....
walking like  halloween :S

with a little update...

next update: Colors?....


new proyect...


New hands tranking proyect...
Hands of Beholder by totalvortex (
Happy New Year!! :)


New Update!. Reduces bad fingers positions and noise.
Have fun!.


New update!

hi Guys!, new update!, Confidence option. Reduce the noise as an API.

discord link to the comunity of the program


New Update!,
Loop mode, Time line and more.

Have Fun!!!!!

Hello, I Leap2BVH still being supported? I can't seem to download it anymore.


It will be...