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Hello everyone. 

1.- There are 2 pairs of hands because 1 is the API that shows the output of the LeapMotion and 2 is the BVH with the movements of the API plus the options correction. if your are confused, you can change the .OBJ file of resources/objects/bone.obj. It must have a texture and be triangularized.

 2 The inclusion of objects with physics can be done but it would slow down the process a lot.

3 It could be done, it is more I have thought about it but I like it more so, I do not know the Blender so deep or the python.

4 It is created with the Save config button.

Thanks for the comments.

(Thanks to bing translator) :) 

Have Fun!

Hi totalvortex, thanks for your explanation. Now that I understand, I will have a closer look on the benefits of having two pairs of hands. But still, could you make the shadow a toggle option?

About physics objects in the viewport, I wouldn't mind a little slow down. If my systen couldn't handle it, I would prefer an upscaled system, not a downscaled software. I have other leap motion software that has a dozen simulated objects in the viewport and there is no performance problem. I find it difficult to simulate e.g. a writing hand without actually seeing the movements of the pencil it holds. If this can be aided with a simulated object, it should definitely be done.


The shadow checkbox it's now active and you can see only the BVH.

About the physics it's not simple. I must to control the collisions and its a little dificult.

Next release will have a BVH parser im working on it.

See a screenshot.

Great, thanks for the shadow option. Yes, I understand that object collision is not a trivial matter. So maybe in some distant future this could be implemented. 

the next step I have in mind is to simulate the hands with the armature to use. That is, you load your armature (body) and join your hands with its scale and such.
Please download the new Release its one of the best.
Thanks for the comments!.
Have Fun!.

PD. The BVH templates of BVH hands files must be in the BVH directory (security reasons)).
: D

About the object collisions....
Another project in LWJGL (Java)

more info: totalvortex