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Tell me your thoughts!

A topic by Elvies created Jul 28, 2021 Views: 280 Replies: 7
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Honest opinion on the game in general. Or just suggest a game to demake next!

Hi there, this made it to the hollow knight discord and it looks amazing, i absolutely !love! the art


Hello, thanks! I hope this satisfied your SilkSong least until it finally releases.

I enjoyed the demake quite a lot, the art for this game is very pretty and I really appreciate this as a Hollow Knight fan. Although the bugs in this were sometimes quite annoying. Still, it didn't hinder my experience too much and I loved exploring the different areas and finding new things! The difficulty was nice and it was satisfying when you finished a room, finished a area and defeated a boss. Keep up the good work i'm looking forward to your future projects :D


Hello there, thank you! Although the difficulty is intentional, some bugs are actually hard to fix because of my lack of experience and some are just harmless. Feel free to check out my other games, and follow me for future projects. Thank you for noticing this fan game.



thanks, your hornetsong rocks too!

This game was quite fun to play, I did get stuck at the beginning so I couldn't explore the entire game but the graphics and controls are awesome and I just want to say thank you for releasing this "demake" of the demo for others to play.