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Thats so cool!

Is there any chance there will be a way to escape the clamber by jumping out of it like in the actual game? Getting forced into an enemy because i cant wall jump is rough

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Hi, i tried to run your game but on the first screen i heard my GPU start coil whining, checked the settings and it was *maxxed out*. Given that its a current gen card, this probably isint good. Its a 6700XT

Hi there, this made it to the hollow knight discord and it looks amazing, i absolutely !love! the art

no shit it plays like hollow knight, SMH yall uncultured swine, it was origionally based on quirell as the protagonist

But yall have done some good work

My dude, the title image is missing

Please do Ry


Very cool

It really seems like it, reminds me of the games the game grumps would play. Like kirby dream golf and such.

Rainy Season community · Created a new topic Looking good

Nice game

Thats standard platformer controlls. Hollow knight, rainworld, meat boy(i think), and basically any indie platformer you can name.

91, very fun.

Incredible game, reminds me of the olden gems, this could have kept many a child occupied for days a few decades ago, get some more levels in there (there are already so many!) and some more mechanics, and this would be a great full game!

Great game, good job guys.

What tutorial series?

Good concept!


How did you do the schematic screen shot?

that would defeat the purpose of a demo

even if there is room for improvement (which i know you are addressing in ancient warfare 3) you have made an amazing game which has more content then many games that actually cost money!

i cant do anything to actually catch the little bugger

Why is it called the quarry?