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Aground - Mining & Crafting Game Released

A topic by Fancy Fish Games created Oct 25, 2017 Views: 1,276 Replies: 2
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Aground was designed around the theme of Progression (not for a game jam, I like to focus on one core theme for every game I make). While I obviously took inspiration from many crafting and mining games, a lot of inspiration actually came from A Dark Room - where you start out with simple tasks and the game slowly expands and features unlock as you progress.

The download includes the first island of several planned, and we have many ideas of where to progress the game from this point. However, we're also looking for feedback, and if you have ideas or suggestions for the game, I'd love to know! Page:



More gifs on the Aground page.

Looks like a good game !

It's a good revision of many themes....