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1. Does it have an error report? If so, let me know.

2. If you have mods installed, try disabling them. Some can cause crashes.

3. If it crashes randomly with no report, that is usually a graphics card error. Try updating your graphics card driver.

Alright, I just need a way to send you the key (I don't want to just post it here publicly :P ). Send me an e-mail at and I'll reply with your key.

I'm guessing this is your steam profile? (I noticed you posted on steam too). Make your games public so I can confirm you own Aground on Steam (edit profile, my privacy settings, and set my profile and game details to public), and I'll give you an copy of the full version. Once I confirm you own the game, you can change your privacy settings back if you'd like.

How frequent are the crashes? Are there any error messages or popups? I would be a little shocked if it was steam that was causing the problem, but you can download the demo here on itch, and if that works and the steam version doesn't, I can help you get the full version in direct messages.

Actually, I think I have an idea. There's a 10 second timeout on syncing... so for really long saves (on slower internet connection) it will time out. I'll up that timeout to 30 seconds.

After trying to sync and failing, hit Ctrl+Shift+D and copy the log (or at least the end of it), it gives info on why the sync failed. My saves seem to be syncing without trouble.

Usually sync failures are just a temporary network glitch. If it persists, let me know. If you hit Ctrl+Shift+D, you can get a little more info about the errors.

So, it'll do that if you change the run start in directory of the shortcut. Right click on the shortcut, click properties, and in the shortcut tab make sure Start in: shows the path to the exe (shown in Target).

You can't fly the spaceship yet without cheating - that's intentional, as that part of the game isn't done yet. Try syncing now - there was a bug a while back that caused saves that were larger than 1MB to not sync, that should be fixed. I have no clue what you mean with the first problem - it runs in the files but not when you click it?

The page where you got your initial downloads should have the updated version (1.5.1) now. Just go there, and you'll be able to download the update for free (and all future updates too)!

Just download it here - the current version on the page is 1.4.3

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The next update will be Tuesday, and will include the magic path to space.

It should say 1.4.3b (b is just a few patches/bugfixes from a). You can download the latest version from if you have the wrong version. The next update should come mid october (but I don't have an exact date set yet).

There was a bug in 1.4.3 that was fixed in 1.4.3a, so updating may help, but even if you install cores you can't fly the spaceship yet.

Updates are not regularly scheduled, but come about once a month. I post updates for each major update, and you can get them here (I think the itch client should auto-update your game as well).

Not a glitch - if you leave your boat while it's being sucked into the whirlpool, it'll get sucked in and destroyed and you'll have to build a new boat (or reload).

It has light romance (there are 3 potential romances, but they aren't the focus of the story). The game is a philosophical visual novel that covers the nature of reality and how people's perspectives can change it.

Not yet, but we are planning to add co-op multiplayer before the full release.

The early access version? It's the _full zip files instead of the _demo, you get access to it when you buy the game, and it includes more content now and all updates (including the full release late next year).

There is already a submarine in the early access version!

The web version is the same as the demo available here, and includes the first 3 islands (about 8 hours of content). The early access version includes an additional 4 hours of content right now (completing the science path on the first planet), and we plan to update it monthly with new content!

What operating system are you using?

One other person had this problem, and we figured out that it had to do with permissions on their computer. If the game doesn't have permission to access the files, it can't run. Try putting the game in a non-protected folder (and make sure all subfolders extracted are readable), or run the game as administrator.

Download the .zip file and extract all the contents to a folder before running the exe.

This is a bug in 1.3.1a, but there's a patch to fix it - replace data/core/structures/structures.xml (in your game files) with this file: .

Make sure you extract everything from the .zip folder before you try to run the exe, and if it still doesn't work, make sure your graphics card driver is up to date.

Depends on the mod. Typically, there are no issues, although if you remove a mod after saving, you'll lose items/objects/etc the mod added. And if you saved on an island the mod added, and you remove the mod... that'll corrupt your save.

The game will be $10 in early access (and will release sometime in July here and on other storefronts). The price will increase once the game's out of early access, but everyone who buys it during early access gets the full game.

If you download the latest version of the game onto the same computer, the saves should be available automatically. If you don't have the app, just download the game and replace the old files whenever there is an update (that won't replace your save files).

On the windows version, your saves should be in "%APPDATA%\Fancy Fish Games\Aground\aground", and they are never wiped with updates. If you're playing on a different computer, you'll have to copy them over.

This was fixed in a patch recently uploaded (1.3.0a).

Yes, I'll be adding a Mac and Linux build with the next update (version 1.3.0), which is the end of the demo content.

No, right now it's horizontal only (although I might add a way to add ramps.

That usually means you didn't extract everything before running the exe, or you deleted or modified the files in the core folder. Try re-downloading the game, then extract everything into a new folder and run Aground.exe

You'll have to give me more information, but if it immediately stops working and doesn't show an error log, it's usually a low level error (often having to do with your graphics card driver).

That usually means you either modded the game, or didn't extract all the files needed to run. Make sure to extract the entire .zip folder before trying to run the exe. If that doesn't work, run the game in a command prompt, and it'll give more details about the error.

I might add difficulty modes eventually (as some people want the game harder, and some want it easier), but I think the current balance is pretty good overall. And I might add more to farming - as right now you just have to wait (and maybe apply fertilizer). Perhaps a watering can would make crops grow faster, so players who care will spend time on the farm, those who don't will mine and when they return have some free food even though it took longer to grow.

That means it couldn't load the game font. Did you extract everything to a folder before you ran Aground.exe? Make sure data/fonts/font.fnt exists.


Hmm, I'm not sure what's wrong then. If you open a command prompt (shift+right click in the Aground folder, then click open command window here) and type "Aground.exe" and hit enter, does it show any errors before crashing (like ModHandler.hx:95: Enable Mod: Core)? Does it show any more info about the error before you click troubleshoot?