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Fancy Fish Games

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I'm glad you liked the update! I'll reword the cotton upgrade to make it clear you set it in the barn. And yeah, we plan to do a lot more with dragons!

Thanks for the feedback!

Not really, but it wont be needed once we add more content to the game (and one plan is procedurally generated caves/dungeons that you can visit, mine and leave as many times as you want).

We plan to release a few updates to the starting island first, improving based on suggestions - which will take a week or two. We've only had some design and mockup work for the second island, but we hope to release it next month!

Yes, we plan to release on Steam eventually, we just want to post some updates and add a lot more content before we put a price tag on the game.

There's definitely a limit to what you can do in the current version, but we're planning on adding more content and things to do after setting sail.

We're planning on extending the game with more islands/content/length. You can think of this game as a work in progress (or endless early access title).

For pick axes, 1 stamina per hit is actually very good. The stone pick axe takes 3 stamina per hit if you hover over it, so by not using the steel pickaxe, you're hurting yourself.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game though! There will definitely be many improvements/new islands/features/content and even secret dungeons buried underground like you were hoping for!

Be careful of going overweight (there will be a notification when you are overweight, and the yellow weight bar next to the inventory icon will flash orange). While you can carry as much stuff as you want, if you're overweight, you get a stamina penalty which if you're heavily overweight will kill you quickly. Drop ores if you're holding too many, and make sure to make return trips to the storehouse to drop off ore and rest in the hut to restore stamina. Bringing food along to restore stamina also helps and can lengthen your trips.

Wyrms are cannibals? That could explain their small population on the island...

You need to get the wyrm pen quest from the alchemist (after you get the market), then feed the wyrms steaks.

Replied to nancie in Aground comments
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I figured it out after testing on a few computers. The problem with the shader was this line: "precision mediump float;" This is required for WebGL (and the browser version), and most PC shader compilers ignore it so I thought it was safe to leave it there. However, a few compilers crash when they see it, so I simply removed it from the non-webgl version.

Thanks for the bug report! Try downloading the game again and let me know if it works.

Aground was designed around the theme of Progression (not for a game jam, I like to focus on one core theme for every game I make). While I obviously took inspiration from many crafting and mining games, a lot of inspiration actually came from A Dark Room - where you start out with simple tasks and the game slowly expands and features unlock as you progress.

The download includes the first island of several planned, and we have many ideas of where to progress the game from this point. However, we're also looking for feedback, and if you have ideas or suggestions for the game, I'd love to know!

Itch.io Page: https://fancyfishgames.itch.io/aground



More gifs on the Aground Itch.io page.

The story regularly switches between two perspective characters (Lilya and Jacob), but there are no choices about who you get to play as or when. The first scene from Jacob's perspective starts right after the demo.