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Glad that worked! I was pretty sure even the oldest i3 had the required graphics capabilities. I hope you enjoy the full version - and hopefully your saves won't disappear now that you're running the downloadable version (the web version is limited by the browser, whose history/saves can be cleared easily).

It should work with the core i3 integrated graphics card (it's called the Intel HD). Try updating your graphics card driver? Depending on what generation core i3 CPU you have, you can find the driver on intel's website: , and if you don't know what CPU generation you have, you can try intel's driver support assistant: . Once the driver is updated to the latest version, let me know if it works!

The version and steam version are basically the same - did you try the demo on and it worked, is that why you're assuming it'll work here? You might want to try installing the following libraries: libglu1-mesa:i386, libpulse0:i386 , as it should work on ubuntu linux - if you have more details, let me know.

The latest version of chromebooks DO support linux programs: - if your chromebook supports it, that might work. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for a chromebook-specific port.

There are two paths, plus some secret areas and side quests.

The latest driver is, released 08/30/2012, so it's possible it's just too old and doesn't support Aground. To get a refund, you'll have to contact (if you bought it on steam too, you'll have to request the refund there as well: I cannot process refunds myself, but they both allow refunds for games that don't run, so it should be pretty easy.

If you're running windows, then run dxdiag.exe (from the start/run menu), then go to the display tab of the window that appears and it will tell you the name of the graphics card (like, mine says "Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520", which is enough to find the right driver).

Graphics cards are expensive (usually a lot more than $50) and tricky to replace, but the graphics card driver is free to upgrade, it's just software from the manufacturer's website. It won't change the power of the graphics card, but it will sometimes add new capabilities (like opengl 2.0 support). What graphics card do you have installed currently? I can see if there's an updated driver.

How old is your computer? OpenGL 2.0 has been around since 2004 so most computers should have it. What graphics card do you have? Updating the graphics card driver (from the manufacturer's website) might fix the problem depending on how old your graphics card is.

The kongregate version has a fallback html5 canvas renderer (which is really ugly - and it will warn you about if it uses it) that allows the game to run even if you don't have OpenGL 2.0+ - but the full version can't use it (it's not HTML5).

You can manually sync that way, but it should automatically sync when you close the program too.

Saves should sync automatically when you close the program as long as you're logged in and the game doesn't crash.

Try using the shovel (item) - it can fill in a mined tile and block water/enemies. The pump pack is also useful for sucking up water.

Yes, farmer bots only do hydroponics, farms, and as of the late update, wyrm pens. Several people have suggested adding the coral pen too, so they will harvest that in the next update.

Well, you can't copyright game mechanics, so while you can't literally copy the code/game assets or use the name Aground, you can make a game with the same mining mechanic (in fact, Aground wasn't the first - I got the idea for being able to move up/down without gravity while mining from Utopian Mining).

Well, if you want to get involved in modding aground, there's quite an active community on discord: . An Aground style game from scratch is quite a bit of work (especially for a first game project), but there's nothing stopping you from making a game like Aground (Notch made minicraft for a game jam in 48 hours).

I use Haxe/OpenFL: - I transitioned to it from flash as3, and I've been liking it a lot, but it's not really a full game engine so I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner (although there is that was built on top of openfl and is an engine, and I've heard good things about it). There are also a lot of game-specific engines (like RPGMaker), which make creating a specific kind of game very easy, but aren't very flexible if you want to do more than the engine planned for - I'd definitely recommend one of those if your game idea fits the engine.

You don't have to install ./, just run ./, but that works in linux, I'm not sure about chromebooks, and I don't have a chromebook to try it on. The latest chromebook OS does say it supports linux apps, but I don't really know much more than that...

I honestly haven't gotten Aground running on a chromebook yet, but try following this guide: . If your model supports the new chromebook os, it should work.

Linux is an operating system, like Windows and Mac. Aground runs on all three of those.

On the page, it should have the following instructions right?

Linux: Extract the .zip file and run (you may need to set it's permissions to be executable). If you're running a 64-bit version of Linux, you may also need to install the following libraries: libglu1-mesa:i386, libpulse0:i386.

Did you extract all the files in the .zip? should be in the game directory. Also, make sure you run the .sh file, not the executable, as it sets the path to find those libraries.

The co-op version will be in the complete version only.

Co-op multiplayer is on our roadmap for end of august:

If I put all the missions into the demo, no one would buy the full version XD. The demo already has a lot of content, 3 islands and 8+ hours, more than most games. It will not get any more islands/content/planets.

New chromebooks can run the linux version of the game (the old ones can run the linux version too, but it's a lot more complex). In any case, an official chromebook port is low on our list and certainly wont be soon if it happens (I'm kind of hoping the linux version ends up working on most/all chromebooks).

It should be live 1-2 weeks (the update will be done soon, but we'll have some beta testing before we make it live).

The demo will remain free (and has a lot of free content), but the full version will never be free (we have to make enough to keep developing the game somehow).

It has no use in the demo, but if you hold on to them, there are uses for the helium sacs in the full version.

After defeating the mirrows, you are at the end of the science path in the demo - you'll need to get the full version to get more missions on that path. However, there are side quests and a second path in the demo you can do as well - try completing quests for the alchemist on the starting island to unlock the magic path (try feeding the wyrms in the wyrm pen).

Yes, we hit the stretch goal for it, so co-op multiplayer will be added before the full launch (late 2019).

The version includes a steam key, so it doesn't really matter where you buy it (although I get to keep a larger cut if you buy it on And for your earlier question, if you buy the early access version, you'll get the full game when it releases (free updates), but if you wait until the full version releases, we will be increasing the price of the game at full launch (so you have to wait for updates if you buy now, but you get a discount for supporting us early).

1. Does it have an error report? If so, let me know.

2. If you have mods installed, try disabling them. Some can cause crashes.

3. If it crashes randomly with no report, that is usually a graphics card error. Try updating your graphics card driver.

Alright, I just need a way to send you the key (I don't want to just post it here publicly :P ). Send me an e-mail at and I'll reply with your key.

I'm guessing this is your steam profile? (I noticed you posted on steam too). Make your games public so I can confirm you own Aground on Steam (edit profile, my privacy settings, and set my profile and game details to public), and I'll give you an copy of the full version. Once I confirm you own the game, you can change your privacy settings back if you'd like.

How frequent are the crashes? Are there any error messages or popups? I would be a little shocked if it was steam that was causing the problem, but you can download the demo here on itch, and if that works and the steam version doesn't, I can help you get the full version in direct messages.

Actually, I think I have an idea. There's a 10 second timeout on syncing... so for really long saves (on slower internet connection) it will time out. I'll up that timeout to 30 seconds.

After trying to sync and failing, hit Ctrl+Shift+D and copy the log (or at least the end of it), it gives info on why the sync failed. My saves seem to be syncing without trouble.

Usually sync failures are just a temporary network glitch. If it persists, let me know. If you hit Ctrl+Shift+D, you can get a little more info about the errors.

So, it'll do that if you change the run start in directory of the shortcut. Right click on the shortcut, click properties, and in the shortcut tab make sure Start in: shows the path to the exe (shown in Target).

You can't fly the spaceship yet without cheating - that's intentional, as that part of the game isn't done yet. Try syncing now - there was a bug a while back that caused saves that were larger than 1MB to not sync, that should be fixed. I have no clue what you mean with the first problem - it runs in the files but not when you click it?