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Yes, it's currently being ported and should be released by the end of 2020 - I'll announce more details as we get closer.

You're welcome! Thank you for playing!

No, unfortunately the full version of the game would not perform well in the browser as it's too big, so the full version is downloadable only.

Multiplayer is only in the full version - the demo doesn't have the multiplayer button.

There's snowmen and Christmas lights in December... but just those 3.

Yes, that's an april fool's joke - the quest can only be gotten on april 1st, but you can continue to craft/use potions after getting the quest to change your appearance. It will never fade away, but you can reset it back at the surgery lab.

The difficulty modes just change things like damage or add an eat cooldown (some modes also reduce carrying capacity and skill points per level). Nothing major, but as you saw it can make some areas that were easy a challenge, or challenging areas easy. You can switch it around as you want at any point.

1. Bombardment cannot happen if the final boss is defeated (although you also won't get the quest to fight the old one).

2. Cast book of absorption on the tile you want to remove it from.

3. No. Also no (although their spawn range is large, they will appear in any water in that range, hence why there appear to be more if there's little water as they all have to crowd in that small area).

4. Any smaller, and you probably wouldn't even know what it was. It's a thick cable, but I think that's ok.

There's a lot more than just those 3 islands (at least, in the full version, but there are some secret islands in the demo beyond those 3 as well)!

Honestly, not a lot - most of what I wanted to add I added or am currently adding (like Multiplayer). There's a lot of little things, and a few spaceships and post game content that I still want to add, perhaps in post launch updates, but that's about it.

You need to make a transparent png to remove the background - some programs like MS Paint can't handle transparency - so you might need to use a different program.

Full version is red if it fails to load. Either you are missing files or a mod is interfering with it. If disabling mods doesn't help, try redownloading the game.

Thanks! We're just trying to make the best game possible, and I'm glad you think it's awesome!

Multiplayer is in a closed alpha (check out #beta-feedback in our discord [] if you're interested), and we hope to have it in a public beta early march and live early april in time for the full launch. Multiplayer will be a free update for everyone who already bought the game.

We decided to spread the planets across several star systems instead of having them all in one. There are more than 6 planets (7 major, plus several minor). The starting system now just has 1 major planet, 1 minor planet (where you get the exotic matter to make FTL jumps to other systems), and 1 ice giant (like neptune).

Aground is set to $15USD on all storefronts, but some stores (like Steam) enable regional pricing by default. That means that the cost of the game in some countries is higher or lower than $15USD based on the country/economy (and I trust Steam to set a fair relative price). does not have regional pricing, so it's the same in all countries.

The story is complete at this point (although I might add some more post-game content). There will be more updates though - right now I'm working on adding Multiplayer to the game.

The game saves right before you fight the mirrows - so you should see the save in the continue list. Are you playing on Steam or in the browser? Saves don't automatically transfer unless you are using the Aground cloud, but you can import/export them from the options menu on the title page. If you were playing in the browser, saves are sometimes lost if you clear browser history, switch browsers/computers, or play incognito.

Honestly, most of the enemies that can't be caught don't have official names, just ids (I come up with names as needed). For example, the blue crab's id is literally blue_crab. Maybe one day I'll add a bestiary with official names and descriptions for enemies you encounter...

Often, talking to the NPC who gave the quest will give you a hint, but you need to use the book of translation inside a dragon ship you control.

I don't want to overwhelm players with too many food options, so the current amount is probably all there will be in live. That said, there are many mods that add foods, including potatoes:

The lab is a temporary area, you don't get to access it again. Right now, I'm focusing on adding multiplayer and releasing the game as it is, not additional post-ending content, but I'll keep your ideas in mind for potential post launch updates. For earth, you cannot end the meteor shower (some players suggested a moon-quest where you could stop it), but they do not harm buildings or tiles, and can be blocked completely by walkways (unlike bombardment, which breaks walkways). Once you deactivate the drones, they will only attack if they are damaged and malfunctioning - if you aren't attacking them, and they aren't being hit by meteors (protected by walkways), then they will be docile.

I'm pretty sure our console publisher (Whitethorn) is doing an official french translation, which they'll share with us for the PC full version too!

There is no voice overs (we felt it didn't fit with a pixel game), but we are planning official translations to other languages at the full release (and there are already many fan translations).

After checking giving the game as a gift, it lets you compose a message to them and enter their e-mail address - so you can personalize it and let them know it's a gift from you and not junk. You can read more about sending gifts on here:

That's already possible - when you interact with a teleportal, the bottom right button lets you rename it. The list will be sorted alphabetically, so you can use this to both know what teleportal goes where, and to organize the list using special characters/numbers at the beginning.

Hmm, I'll think about it - I might just have the name plate inside the ship set the name.

I'm glad you like the update! The regular torpedo launcher can fire mega torpedoes - select the torpedo launcher, and hit set projectile, then select what projectile you want it to fire (same mechanic as bows, but you might not have experimented with them much).

Go to your download page, and download the game again. Extract the .zip file (you can overwrite all the old 1.4.0 files, this will not overwrite any saves), and then run the game. If you install the client, it will automatically download and install updates.

If you hit new game, it'll let you choose a slot to start a new game in - and it'll confirm before overwriting a slot if you select a non-empty slot. So, don't worry, hit new game!

Haha, glad you were able to beat the Chimera. I was about to think about nerfing the Chimera (and I still might a little, just because you're stuck until you beat it and that can be frustrating). I'll at least lower the time needed for the Ranger so you don't have to wait 4 minutes blocking and dodging if you can't beat it.

The ranger will slowly sneak up on the splicer, and when the timer at the top runs out, splicer will be defeated even if you don't defeat the chimera. So running, blocking and keeping in motion is a valid way to "win." You should have the claws, which are pretty powerful even against the chimera - with some movement, blocks, and critical hits, the boss fight is not too hard if you want to beat it.

Yeah, the final boss is pretty tough... especially since I made it harder after players said it was too easy. With the right preparation/equipment, you should be able to do it though.

Make sure you attack it from the front (where the opening appears), if you hit it from behind it will block it even if open.

It's strange that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't... Sounds like a driver or perhaps actual card issue. Try updating the driver from Intel's website, windows update often finds old and outdated ones.

You have to upload the .asav file somewhere (there are many upload sites), then you can use the url where you uploaded it as the link. The file is actually a text file you can just copy+paste into if you don't want to deal with the file sharing sites.

It wouldn't be a structure, it'd be a bot (the ones you can build and move around). It's weird the other slots aren't affected - it must've been something you built... maybe send me the save (export it from the title page options menu and upload it and give me a link).

Try dismantling the miner bot (the patrol bot shouldn't be a problem), and let me know if the lag disappears. If the miner bot gets stuck, it can cause that kind of lag (I'm currently working on a fix for the next update).

Hmm, do you have a lot of bots there? They can cause lag, especially if they are stuck - I'll try to improve their performance.

That's strange - the saves should be in %APPDATA%\Fancy Fish Games\Aground\aground (assuming you're playing on windows), let me know the filesize of saves.sol (it should be many KB to 1MB depending how many saves you have and how far along they are). Also, keep in mind this is user-specific, so if you log in to another user account, that will have it's own set of saves (the first user's saves will be intact under their account).

Also, if you were using Aground Cloud, try logging in and it should re-download the saves.

The pillars are to make it unsailable (like a rocky coast), as you're meant to fly there on a dragon. If a patrol bot kills the cultivator, then you cannot get the achievement unless you kill the cultivator again yourself (like in the arena).

You can certainly fly past island without really exploring them, although eventually you kind of have to explore many of them for the quest progression. You can't really sail past islands though, as sailboats stop at coasts.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope you'll enjoy our future updates too!