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Dark Train

steampunk vehicle adventure made of paper · By Paperash Studio

"activate on steam" ?

A topic by checktuo created Oct 24, 2017 Views: 5,761 Replies: 28
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Thanks for the game !

But i'm not seeing a steam key anywhere.


Cheers and thanks for the interest! 

It seems it is not possible to make FREE giveaway on Itchio with Steam Keys for 0.00 $  :(
But we have solution if you want, on our website is possible to get Steam Key for 0.01 $ :) 

Again, we would love to give it for free, but Humble Widget cant do this (same rules as Itchio, we guess it is because of resellers of Steam Keys ).

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Great ,thanks for the info.

But strange  ,because i've had steam keys for digital homicide  games on Itch.

They were all from gleam giveaways originally.


I don't think credit cards or paypal allow you to spend 0.1.

I think they all have a minimum.

Thanks anyways.


You are right! Minimum payment is 0.20$ ... But we have another solution subscribe to our newsletter here: and after giveaway we will send to all member of the list a steam key. That is fair, what do you say? :)

Done :)

Thanks for the giveaeay. I subscribed to the newsletter. Is it normal that theres a delay between subscription and receiving the code?


thx! I subscribed to the news letter, so I will receive it though the letter? :D

Thank you, Paperash Studio :3

I subscribed to but i never gt my key, ill wait too! Thanks for the giveaway Staff.

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Sorry to all honored fans and players but there won't be any STEAM KEYS! Only download! Please, read our comment below.

We are deeply disappointed with all scammers who tried to take STEAM Key, not the game itself.

Now we exactly know why Itch and Humble are no giving away free STEAM keys. Since we wrote you will get one key for subscribing our newsletter, it doesn´t take 4 hours and we have 4000 subscribers with really strange addresses and so on... It is obvious these emails are from scammers or bots who want STEAM key (for re-sale?) and not for the game itself. 

Since we are really small developers, we cannot take that risk because these scammers would overtake control of our sales.

To all true players with the heart, please apologize us for this misunderstanding, we are new in this business and this is really new valuable experience what we didn't expect.

You can still enjoy the game through download or amazing Itch client but again – no steam key.

Thanks for the passion and your support!

<3 Paperash

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You can avoid the "re-sale" of keys with the system that automatically activates the game through the website by assigning the privileges of each account for its activation. (Like this, obviously expired Example Taxi Driver free a few days ago; " is requesting permission to access the following: Redeem and activate CD-Keys on your account).  You can put it in the Steam Store for free for a certain amount of time, but it's obvious that you never had any interest in giving it away at Steam, and 4,000 users are practically nothing.


Interesting, thanks for the good tip! We will look on it on our next giveaway :)

It's likely that direct redeem (oauth redeem) is only available for the big publishers though.


lol I thought that newsletter crap was bullshit since the beggining.. i dont waste time playing games that are not on my steam account. next time don't lie for your audience. good luck.


Too bad no steam key :/ I'm actually looking forward to add this game on my steam library.


Well it is disappointing that you aren't doing the Steam keys anymore, I fully understand why.  You're still amazing devs to give away the game for free anywhere, and deserve a lot of praise for this.  Not having it on steam is nothing when a dev does something this awesome.  If I ever want it on steam, I'll happily buy it on there, you deserve the support. :)


<3 <3 thanks a lot!

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This is default setting by Itchi.oi and we didnt know that. :)

Here is proof what we did ourselves. Grab that key too if you want ;)

Thanks, I paid over $0.5 and got the key no problem. I wanted the steam key because doesn't provide the Linux download, but... on Steam "install" on Linux is empty as well. I thought there was a Linux beta on steam, but maybe I misunderstood something. Any ETA on when the Linux download will be available?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the support! <3 Linux version is a big mystery for us. We tried that twice but since we are not programmers it is hard. We can't promise anything in this. :(

Oh, ok then, I'll be waiting patiently and hope for the best. ;-)


Thanks! We love passion of LINUX community,  it is true.

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So it was all a scam from the start ,oh well .

I thought it sounded fishy to begin with.

For the record ,4000 gamers requesting a steam key is small beer, but i think you know that.


Sorry for complications, we didnt expect so attention. Now you can get steam key for 0.50$ or download it for free. We  thinks that is fair ;)

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How much more can you whine about being able to download a free game?
4k is a lot for a small business and I bet you wouldn't be happy with 4k of your keys being resold?
Stop blaming the people who have been nothing but supportive of everyone in this thread and blame the thieves trying to undermine them.
Holy shit this is self-contentedness at its finest.

Hi there, i want to make Donation via "CoinBase" (Bitcoin) to recieve a Steam Key. which Address i must send the donation, or you have a "How To" (Using Coinbase) ?


Hi, this is more question to Itchio than us. We are not Bitcoin masters at all. But really thanks for your interest!


Hello, I paid the .50 but when I click on 'Get Steam Key', it wants me to let Itch take over my Steam account and steal my info.  I would never allow that, it is not safe. How can I get the key without letting Itch into my account?

Thank you very much for this game

PS. I am not on Facebook

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