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Fun fact: for me, FlowScape on Steam is only marginally more expensive - charged me 12,30 USD due to added VAT (which on Steam is already calculated in the price, as required by EU laws) while the Steam price for me is ~13,80 USD. Also due to regional pricing, there are lots of regions (more than half actually) where it is significantly cheaper on Steam than here (the lowest is ~3,27 USD in Argentina). So Valve's reasoning for not allowing you to sell the game cheaper elsewhere is "a bit" flawed in that respect but that's nothing new. ;-)

Oh, ok then, I'll be waiting patiently and hope for the best. ;-)

Thanks, I paid over $0.5 and got the key no problem. I wanted the steam key because doesn't provide the Linux download, but... on Steam "install" on Linux is empty as well. I thought there was a Linux beta on steam, but maybe I misunderstood something. Any ETA on when the Linux download will be available?

It's likely that direct redeem (oauth redeem) is only available for the big publishers though.