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Looking for ways to Improve

A topic by ArctosGames created 14 days ago Views: 35
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Hi, I'm working on an RPG horror game at the moment and I would really like some feedback  on where I can improve. I've recently released a demo for this game ( hopes of doing so. My main area of concern is the story and lore of it, as that is the driving point of the game and I'm aware that my graphics (Especially facial and the art I'm using to advertise the games) could use a lot of work. I'm currently working on a very old laptop so trying to do it with touchpad only is a challenge and I'm making sure to put a lot of time into it.

I've put a selection of puzzles in it as a bit if a challenge to myself,  but I would be interested in hearing about any suggestions you have. I'm also looking into things such as chase mechanics so I may end up releasing an update demo down the line for more feedback.

Thanks in advance!