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Interesting game, can't help but wonder what that juice tastes like...

Very nice to look at and so relaxing to play.

Awesome game!  I really enjoyed playing this and I look forward to the whole game~

Very nice game, enjoyed this small insight into the mind of a serial killer.

Such a beautiful game- the music and the artwork is fantastic. Not sure I fully understood the story though, haha.

This was really fun, love the art style and that I managed to guess my way to victory, haha.

One problem I did have was that upon starting the game the audio jumped back up to normal volume after I'd turned it down- but otherwise it was enjoyable.

This was strangely powerful for such a simplistic style game- I love it, especially that motivational music later on.

Very creepy and atmospheric, certainly makes me feel the paranoia of being out late at night.

Great game, very frustrating which I guess it what makes a good platformer, haha.

An interesting little idea, and very relatable to me- but also helps me compare how I am now to the anxious little antisocial I was but a few months ago~

Decided to check this out seeing  friend play the Cube Escape series and I'm not disappointed- it's a great game with challenging puzzles and a story that is just right on the creepiness scale. I'm definitely going to have to check out the others~

I like the style of this game, so much fun.

And thank you for making it. :)

This was great- I love these kinds of games and it was a laugh to play.

This was a really fun game- I could have spent hours trying to get the best score possible! But I think it's better for my sanity if I resist that urge. >.>

That was quite fun, I love the pixelly style and it was very intriguing.

That was a really enjoyable demo to play and I'm so excited to see the full game~

That was an interesting game- I liked discovering the story through exploring the house, made it a lot more interesting. I also enjoyed the length of it- shorter games are some of my favourites.

Haha, I loved this game- especially the ending I got.

Cool game idea- I just wish my internet hadn't been acting up when I chose to play this. XD

It was definitely a lot creepier than I thought it would be. O.O

I hope one day I can make a game as atmospherix as this. :D

Once you get to the 'It's me cowardly/brave toe part you can't go any further- there are no options.

I love this game! I just wish I knew what the fairy dust was. T-T

Oh- I made a video on it if you don't mind. :)

Thank you. :) That really means a lot to me.

Here is the link for the video. :)

Thank you. ^-^

I'll put a link here when it's up. :)

This spoke to me on such a personal level. It was very relatable to me and I hope you don't mind but I chose to record this because it spoke to me so- however, I won't post the video if you don't want me to. I understand that this is a personal thing for you and I don't want to upload it without your permission.

Yeah! The noise really got me- made me wish I didn't have my headset at top volume at the time. XD

Really love this game! Don't think I'll be playing it through a second time. XD

Without a doubt the scariest game I have ever played.