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The Moon Fields

A topic by lunarsignals created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 371 Replies: 3
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I just released the first access version of The Moon Fields. I am using refinery to keep the numbers down (and the price high) while I build a dedicated community. There is an extensive demo*** with half of the total content. Now, about the game itself:

The Moon Fields is an overhead action game set in a sword & sorcery world. The eventual game will have a single player adventure with a large overworld and tons of secrets, but right now I am showcasing the up-to-8-player multiplayer versus mode. There are currently 18 unique characters with over 45 items to equip them with. There are hundreds of variations to build your characters with many of them being very different ways to play the game. You can play free for all or mix and match teams (4v4, 3v3v2, 1v1v6, etc.). The multiplayer is fairly robust in terms of match making, though as I develop single player content I will definitely be adding more weapons and stages.

I've attached three videos of gameplay below. My gear isn't good enough to 1080p60 record, but the game scales down well so that an iGPU can run the game at 60fps at the low internal resolution of 270p. The first video (1080p30) is probably the best video to take in the cool graphical effects, and the third video (270p60) shows off the basic melee combat really well. There are really poor annotations in the "Show More" section on Youtube, and you can see the weird, crazy things that can happen with analog melee voxel combat with always active shields and real 3D collider math.

Cheers! Please try the demo! I'd really love feedback! Oh, please press START on the title screen to access the menu so you can set the resolution for your PC.

***Is it OK if I have a separate demo project page? I've been thinking about making one because I would like more visibility for the demo. Currently the demo is pretty far down the page, and I would like people to see they have the opportunity to try the game before committing.


Looks great, I just featured it on the homepage.

Thanks leafo! I really appreciate it.

If anyone happens to play the game, please send ping me or post on The Moon Fields' itch forums! I would very much appreciate it.