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HTML port of 1998 point-n-click adventure game Morpheus

A topic by soapbubble created Oct 11, 2017 Views: 364 Replies: 5
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I am working on an HTML port of the 1998 title Morpheus by Soap Bubble Productions that will be packaged for variety of mobile and desktop platforms.  The game is mostly complete with just a small number of bugs that prevent a full playthrough as well as some polish needed on game menus, options,  save management.   I have desktop installers and an electron package for Mac, Win and Linux and am working on a cordova wrapper for mobile platforms.

The version on works well in desktop browsers.  Mobile browsers, because of a partial touch interface and restrictions on when video and audio can be played, do not run well, but do run better when packaged as a native application.

In the game, you are cast as the son of artic explorer investigating the disappearance of your father.  As you approach the location where your father was last seen, you begin to have your dreams invaded.  The game starts as you find the ship your father was looking for.

As you explore the ship, you see apparitions of the ship's inhabitants who you saw in your dreams.  Later you will enter their dreams as you continue to unravel the mystery of the Herculania.  

The game is FREE while in early alpha.  I am writing this as a hobby in my spare time with full support of the original Soap Bubble development team.  Later, I will charge a very nominal fee for a DRM free package with unlimited and cross platform saves and a free version with a single save slot.  


Looks pretty cool. How is this okay from a copyright perspective?

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@leafo I have the blessing of the original developer which was easy to obtain because it was my Dad that wrote the original game and my Uncle that did all of the graphics.  My Uncle owns the rights to the game which was released back to him after Piranha Interactive (which was the original publisher of the game) went belly up.  There were actually localizations produced for Spanish, French and German whose copyright ownership is a little murkier that I would like to eventually get cleared up.  That all being said I have the rights for the original English version as well as all of the original assets and source code. 

This thread came about very soon after I discovered and that it could serve as an early deployment and download platform for Morpheus.  I was not really ready to "release" in any real sense of the word other than myself being able to take what I had already working and get it working on the platform.  The game was still very buggy and there were not large portions of the game you could play.  When I did development I was always in a god mode of sorts-- able to teleport around and manipulate game state from the console.

Kind of sad that 322 days later I have not yet "released" or even entered any form of beta-- but in that time I have solved many many game play bugs (down to few known issues), implemented basic in-game menuing, implemented queued preloading of in-game assets, rewrote the 3D engine to be 2x as fast and use much less memory, cloud saves behind a google login, a sweet title screen, unit, engine and UI automated tests, and a desktop app and packaged installer.  I also transitioned my build and test platform from a custom drone installation to gitlabs and kept my docker deployment systems up to date(ish).  In addition, in working with the original Soap Bubble owners  I am resurrecting the business entity and funding for the re-release.  There's stuff I'm sure I missed but also more to come!  My next update I hope to be a real beta release, with mobile platforms, EV certs and the financials ready to accept money on Soap Bubble Productions behalf.

Until then, I updated  first post to reflect current progress and todos.  If you want blow by blow updates, I recommend you follow me on twitter @dev_morpheus or look up Morpheus Game on facebook.  You might even get rub shoulders with the original technical talent that produced Morpheus :-)

Fun fact, Morpheus was released nearly 20 years ago, but stopped working on PCs on 64bit hardware and stopped working on Macs after the deprecation of 68k Mac Classic support.  But now you can go to to download installers to play Morpheus on modern 64bit (and actually 64bit only) PC, Mac and Linux Desktop computers.

I've had the boxed version of Morpheus for many years and haven't been able to play it. It's good to hear someone has taken up the reins and ran with it....Kudos to you !

Thanks!  I've been working on this for a long time.  It all started when I got a 64bit machine and was no longer able to install Morpheus to it.   At one point I had a legitimate C++ cross-compiled Qt native version of the game running on Linux, Windows and Mac with plans to compile natively for iOS and Android.  However, there were issues with media support in Qt.  The APIs were in constant flux and I couldn't keep the app running in between Qt version upgrades.  That lead me to trying to re-building the app (again) using WebGL technologies.  

Getting a prototype (simple panorama) was easy.  Making a polished HTML web app run cross platform has turned out to be pretty hard.  But I've been working it and am getting very close to a fully playable beta release.