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HTML port of 1998 point-n-click adventure game Morpheus

A topic by soapbubble created Oct 11, 2017 Views: 149 Replies: 2
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I am working on an HTML port of the 1998 title Morpheus by Soap Bubble Productions.  The game is mostly complete with just a handful of bugs that prevent a full playthrough as well as needed polish needed to enable game menus, options, multiple saves, cloud saves and save management.   I am also working on making application wrappers to have the game run like a native app (electron for desktop and phonegap for mobile).

The version on itch.io works well in desktop browsers.  Mobile browsers, because of restriction on when video and audio can be played, do not run well, but do run better when packaged as a native application.

In the game, you are cast as the son of artic explorer investigating the disappearance of your father.  As you approach the location where your father was last seen, you begin to have your dreams invaded.  The game starts as you find the ship your father was looking for.

As you explore the ship, you see apparitions of the ship's inhabitants who you saw in your dreams.  Later you will enter their dreams as you continue to unravel the mystery of the Herculania.  


Looks pretty cool. How is this okay from a copyright perspective?

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@leafo I have the blessing of the original developer which was easy to obtain because it was my Dad that wrote the original game and my Uncle that did all of the graphics.  My Uncle owns the rights to the game which was released back to him after Piranha Interactive (which was the original publisher of the game) went belly up.  There were actually localizations produced for Spanish, French and German whose copyright ownership is a little murkier that I would like to eventually get cleared up.  That all being said I have the rights for the original English version as well as all of the original assets and source code.