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Don't put game assets in AppData

A topic by tigersong created Oct 10, 2017 Views: 233 Replies: 3
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When I download a game asset package from itch in Windows, it extracts said package to AppData- obviously not the ideal location! I propose a solution: First, add an Asset tag if it doesn't already exist. Second, once itch determines it has an asset on its hands, have it prompt the user: "Where should I extract these files?" That way it's very easy to point them to the right directory.

Thanks for considering my proposal. Also, in the meantime, how about a message saying, "You would be better off downloading this package from our website"?


Thanks for the feedback. The directory within AppData is managed by the app, so it can clean up the files when you uninstall. Maybe a good flow is let people open it from there, but then make it clear that they should copy the files out if they want to use them. Alternatively, we just show a "Save as" dialog and let them download the file to a directory of their choosing.

You're welcome.

Linux too, please! I'm using Tiled Editor, which doesn't seem able to find hidden folders.