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Hello there. I'd very much like to play Solstice, which I understand involves deleting my previous save. Is that possible with the AppImage version, or should I install the Steam version? Thanks for your help.

I had the same problem on Xubuntu, but the puzzle isn't that difficult to solve.


Basically, I want to be able to select just the relevant tiles instead of the ladder and the wall behind it. That's hard to do when my only option is click-and-drag.

What I really want is Ctrl and Alt modifiers in edit mode so I can easily set up ladders.

I'm getting errors about needing to persevere relative path. Might want to add something to the docs.

Slowly but surely getting these to work in Tiled. Great stuff.

Where do I find the tile converter in the archive?

I'm wondering: what size are the merged tilesets (in the TILESETS folder)? 24x24?

Looks like fun, and you're bringing it to all PC platforms. Thumbs up.

TXTdit community · Created a new topic Thank you

Since I started using Linux, I've noticed that most text editors are also code editors. They have distracting features like syntax highlighting, pop-up hints, etc. that aren't necessary for writing prose. Thank you for creating a plain text editor.

Just double-click the file "ogmoeditor" or run it from your terminal.

You're a great asset to developers.

Can't pay for this. :(

Did you use Unity? I tried, really I did, but now they even want payment for Collaborate. No thanks!

I love Lyndow- it reminds me of MYST but without those frustrating puzzles. Also, how on earth did you create the illusion of transparent windows? Fantastic!

I like your style.

I was wondering where those vehicle sprites were! ;)

Linux too, please! I'm using Tiled Editor, which doesn't seem able to find hidden folders.

You're welcome.

When I download a game asset package from itch in Windows, it extracts said package to AppData- obviously not the ideal location! I propose a solution: First, add an Asset tag if it doesn't already exist. Second, once itch determines it has an asset on its hands, have it prompt the user: "Where should I extract these files?" That way it's very easy to point them to the right directory.

Thanks for considering my proposal. Also, in the meantime, how about a message saying, "You would be better off downloading this package from our website"?

The itch app says this game isn't available for Windows.

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Thank you. I've been wanting to get into 2D game development, but was boggled by the Unity "basics" package I downloaded. :)