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How to change public url and or username?

A topic by Box Mountain Games created Jan 29, 2016 Views: 4,721 Replies: 18
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Recently founded a studio and want to keep my game's pages/ statistics..

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Admin (2 edits)

EDIT: You can now change username & URL in your user settings page. Find the button next to where your username is printed!

Sure, if you tell me me what you want I can change it for you. In general you can email us at to request a username change until we add a feature to do it.


Can you change my username and profile url from theboytheplay to nitpum ? Thanks !


Sure, it's updated

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Can you change my username and public URL from TabDullApp to TabDulApp ?

i was create a mistake when writting the username, it Must be "TabDulApp" but i press double L on it, i need to change it to TabDulApp , Thanks

Hello Admin :D

Can u change my url from mkimp to TheMansoorProductions ??

Anywho, I really appreciate u guys 4 making this gr8 site XD


Could you please change my username to TheJoyfulDragon and change my url accordingly please? Thank you ^^

Hey Can You Change My User Name And Display Name from Little Tinekers to Little Tinkers. Thanks


You can change your username on your account settings page.

I did it already did it and i mess it  up so can you change it or allow me to change it



I updated it for you

Thank You

Hey this is off topic but to have games people have to pay for do you have to have a license?


You should look into the laws for your country and region, I can't tell you what's necessary for you to individually sell things on the internet. Generally though you'll need to figure out how to handle taxes, and you may need to register as a corporation. I can't tell you specially what to do though, so definitely consult a professional.

Thany You

Can you please change


Hello guys, you should try using the Feedback buttons (on the left screen) to request the change of the name.

It reaches the staffs easier and faster from there (based on my experience before).



It's now possible to change your username yourself on your account settings page. I've moved this topic to the tips forum.