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Looking for a 2D artist/animator (REV-SHARE)

A topic by Gredu created Oct 09, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 2
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Hi, I'm Jérémie, Belgian student (so my English is not Perfect…) and I'm Looking for a 2D artist and animator to make a game.

The projet is a Pong-like mixed with Lethal league. Pong-like because basicly it's Pong with abilities. And Lethal league because différent heroes  ‘’punchy'' feedback. The gameplay is nearly finished so you can test it if you are interrested :)

For now I have no particular ideas for art, si you are free to propose whatever you want, as long as it is ‘’fun'' be cause it's a 1v1 fun game, not a 1v1 ’’serious'' game ^^

I'm working with Construct2 so there are some contraints but we can discuss about that if you are interrested…

If you speak French it's perfect but if you don't, it's ok :) It will make me train my English but you have to accept that I will sometimes make some errors :/

Of cause at the game release, sales will be shared equally.
If interrested, contact me : at or on discord : Gredu#1969

Hello! (I sent a friend request on discord). I am a small game dev/ artist who is interested in this. Rev share would be GREAT! but if it gets to inconvenient to calculate then I'm ok with one time payment incase anything changes. all I ask for is MAYBE some credit in the credits ( and of course some money but not much). I hope to be working with you and best regards


There will be of course your name in the credits !