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Need help on uploading my flash game on

A topic by Manu created Jan 27, 2016 Views: 1,084 Replies: 2
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Hi :-)

I'd love to put on an old flash game I worked on when I used to be a student. To be honest, I was only game designer on that game and I have never wrote a single line of code. Right now, I just have the .swf file and two external data files which are required to launch the game.

When I put the game and the two files on my personal server, everything goes well. But when I put them on, the game doesn't launch. I cannot say why and the former coder hasn't time for this :-(

This is how I set up my page:

Have you ever had to handle with such things? Thank you very much for your help.



I suspect assumes that a Flash game is stand-alone. Files intended for download likely have their names obfuscated, and they're not placed in the same folder as those meant to be embedded in the game page. You might want to treat it like a HTML game instead and upload it together with a small wrapper. It's not a nice work-around, but that should do it until out kind hosts can step in an do something about it.

Great! The .html into a zip file works well! \0/

Thank you for your help!