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Difficult but really fun!



Thank you ^_^

thank YOU!


Ha ha, I got it! Thank you for taking the time to explain :) I'll fix this!

Oh, I'm missing that one, sorry. Would you explain to me what is the error? My English is pretty broken sometimes ;_;

Thank you :D

Thx! <3

Thank you!

Thx! :)

Ah ah thank you!

This is a very relevent suggestion. Thank you!

Hello, bitsy folks!

Last year, I taught my students how to use Bitsy, while making a little prototype to make sure I'd could answer their questions. The game was about a lighthouse keeper and their dog, both isolated from the rest of the world. But, as often, I didn't finish it.

One year later, I'm trapped into my apartment due to a worldwide pandemic and I suddenly remember my game. After a few days of polish and playtests, it's now available! Enjoy it and feel free to tell me what you liked/disliked :-)

Merci !

Thank you for the let's play! :D

3! Multiplayer could help to balance the gameplay and see what other feature is needed.

"Pourquoi pas un jeu sur le 11 septembre ?"

Hahaha vous m'avez tué :D

Great! The .html into a zip file works well! \0/

Thank you for your help!

Hi :-)

I'd love to put on an old flash game I worked on when I used to be a student. To be honest, I was only game designer on that game and I have never wrote a single line of code. Right now, I just have the .swf file and two external data files which are required to launch the game.

When I put the game and the two files on my personal server, everything goes well. But when I put them on, the game doesn't launch. I cannot say why and the former coder hasn't time for this :-(

This is how I set up my page:

Have you ever had to handle with such things? Thank you very much for your help.