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SalesBundles is down

A topic by MazinKaesar created Oct 06, 2017 Views: 185 Replies: 10
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Hi guys, it seems the website is down, so we can't donwload games mabe this developer. 


Is that an attempt at stealth advertising? Because you can easily find them on :P

I bought Mine of Grimvale some time ago. The links redirect to the website, that is down :)


Try That was the first result in DuckDuckGo.

indiedb link redirects here on :-P

This prove I bought the game. The Install button tries to download the game from the athour's website (that is down)


Mines of Grimvale (both versions) appears to be available to buy and download here, but then I'm using the website. Is that a screenshot from the app?

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Yes, this is a screenshot from app. I also found it's not possible to download some more games. There is any mail address to contact team?

EDIT: the app is both Italian and English language.
"Acquistato 8 mesi fa" on the right means "Bought 8 months ago"


You can e-mail, but someone who can help should be along shortly anyway. Unfortunately, sometimes game developers vanish without a trace like this. But do try logging in through the website and see if you can download the game that way.


Thanks for the report. I've unlisted their page in the meantime. We'll need to get in touch with the developers to see what's going on.

There is any way to contact them? Just to have thier games available again ...