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How to match sales from Itch sales CSV to Stripe & Paypal

A topic by strandgames created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 165 Replies: 2
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I need to collate sales from the itch "purchases" CSV to those from Stripe and Paypal.

For a given sale in the itch "purchases" data, there is no unique ID that appears in either the Stripe "charges" data nor the paypal sales data. Right now, I'm trying to use the customer "full_name" column to make a match, but that is unreliable since names are not unique and, more seriously, the names for the SAME transaction do not always match (due to international characters being used). I have also tried to the use time, but this varies quite a bit and sometimes another customer's time is actually a closer match (due to overlapping transactions).

the customer email address is absent in the Stripe data, so i cannot use that.

Surely, everyone else must be having this same problem since otherwise they cannot properly make their business accounts.

Any ideas for a solution? thanks.


I put the stripe charge ID as a new column as "source_id" in the CSV export for purchases. Tell me if that doesn't work for you.

BTW, regarding booking. In "direct to you" payments, you are the point of sale and Stripe is paying you. The analytics on are there for confirmation and convenience, but we aren't the ones paying you. For you booking you should use the numbers the Stripe (or PayPal) provide to you for handling your books.

Hey thanks for this,

I modified my program to match stripe charge id with itch "source_id" and it works. everything matches up!

Later i have to do the same for Paypal. I was hoping to match on email (slightly bogus), but i don't know if you already have a paypal sales id, but if you don't, that would be _very_ useful too.

Regarding bookkeeping;

You are correct that the "primary source" is either the Stripe or Paypal figures when "direct to you", BUT those figures do know if, for any given transaction, there is a tip or not. Basically, they only have the combine charge.

So i have to link back to the itch payout sheet to break each transaction down to; sales, tips, fees and tax.

According to my accountant, tips are earnings but not sales and have no sales tax, which is correct because it agrees with the tax actually charged. over here in Europe, we have a ridiculous thing called MOSS, whereby i have to report sales & sales tax for EACH of the 28 EU regions (so much for it all being one unified region!!), and thus i need to actually report separate; sales + sales tax for those regions.

Annoying i know. but that's why i have to connect itch sales with those from the payment processors.