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Holey Suit, a quirky space survival game!

A topic by Mitron created 19 days ago Views: 34
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Hey all,

Although I released my game in pre-alpha two weeks ago and am regularly pushing updates & devblogs, I realise there is little or no context available to the itch community on the actual game!  I thought I'd write a post on the forum to give some background on how the game came about.

First thing, here's the link:  https://mitron.itch.io/holey-suit

So, where did the game concept came from?  Had I thought of a space survival game with quirky controls from the onset?  Heck no!!!

Holey Suit!  Characters.


The game actually came about because of Mark Brown's GMTK Jam.   It was hosted on itch, so you folks interested by game dev probably heard about it already!  Mark Brown produces the Game Maker Toolkit youtube channel and has been a great source of inspiration for me.

As it turns out, Holey Suit wasn't released as part of the jam at all.  It was actually started two weeks before the jam, because GMTK Jam fell on a weekend I wasn't available!  I still really wanted to have a go at it though, so why the heck not, I decided to pick a theme ahead of the jam and go commando.

As it turns out - the theme I had picked (dual purpose mechanics) was indeed the official jam theme.  By jam weekend I was still under the allocated time (48hrs) but decided it wasn't fair (and against the rules!) to post Holey Suit as an entry.

Holey Suit Bazooooooooooka!

Going Commando

I actually had wanted to experiment with the "shoot to move" mechanic for a long time, so it didn't bother me too much to miss out on the jam.  Besides - the jam was hugely successful and received hundreds of entries - very unlikely the prototype I had back then would have made it to the top.

The development process actually felt a lot more natural spread across weeks, not hours, and a few of the fundamental mechanics I established as ideas matured in my head.   I posted a full fledged post here on my website if you want to read more about it.  Within a few days, I basically had nailed down the premise: survival in zero gravity.  The rest was just designing mechanics that suited the theme, and as elegant as possible.

What next?

So the game is out and has been doing fine so far, with 700 downloads in just over two weeks, and a few let's play on youtube.  I was lucky enough that @leafo featured the game on the front page!  I'm hoping downloads carry on as I keep adding new content to the game.

The game will remain in pre-alpha for a while - I think it reached a status where the arcade mode is more than playable.  My objective is to add a story mode next, with missions to complete.  This will take time, but I think will be rewarding & hopefully will be well received by players!

As per the game page, this is a hobby project.  I am not planning to make monies from the game, this will remain free.  What I ask in return is that anyone that enjoy the game rates it, post a comment or feedback!  

Hope you enjoyed the read, and stay tuned for more Holey Suit updates & content!

I can be found on twitter here: https://twitter.com/HotchPotchGames 

And my website is there for full blog posts about the game: https://hotchpotch.games