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Gaming OS

A topic by CNCharger created Oct 01, 2017 Views: 117 Replies: 3
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Does anyone here have OS experience? I am trying to write a 16 bit Gaming OS for the Raspberry Pi. I am right now writing an engine for it, but I am thinking about releasing the engine on this website when it's ready. Am I allowed to put an OS on this site, and if so, does anyone have any experience or referrals for software I can use to create the OS?


I don't have any experience making operating systems, but you could look at FreeDOS? It's open source, written in C, and most importantly 16-bit like you want. Most people likely go straight for 32-bit nowadays.

I am looking to do an OS with a GUI, not one that is purely text. I want to do something user friendly. I am also thinking about having it run on it's own Kernel cause there is hardly any executables for Linux flavors. I do 16 bit cause that's where Super Mario and Mario Kart, Sonic, DOOM and some very famous games looked good. The SNES classic is also the next console to come out, and it's 16 bit. That's kinda why I am doing 16 bit right now other than it's simplicity. I will include 32 bit support later on, but kinda sticking with this for now.

What do you mean by "16-bit," exactly? The raspberry Pi's CPU is 32-bit, and so any piece of code you write to run on it will be by definition 32-bit. If you mean something in the style of old 16-bit consoles, that's a visual style choice, but has nothing to do with the actual "bitness" of the code.

As far as releasing on itch, there are plenty of engines and tools that are available here, and I don't see any reason why you couldn't release a Raspberry Pi OS as such a thing.