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Clayton's Quest - a happy-go-lucky 3D exploration platformer

A topic by Jamroot Games created Sep 29, 2017 Views: 342 Replies: 3
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Clayton's Quest

Clayton's Quest is a happy-go-lucky 3D exploration platformer.

Available only on PC - with controller or keyboard.

Save your friends from the evil Dust Bunnies that have invaded Crafty Kingdom, Clayton's arts and crafts themed world! Jump, run, roll, and punch your way through five unique areas, finding secrets and treasures throughout!


Looks great, I put it up on the homepage.

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

Hi Jamroot, I tested Clayton Quest. I like your cell shading graphic style, and the colorful world. I arrived to big jump, it's difficult :) beautiful work :) 
The post of my game for a little jam :