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Katja's Abyss: Tactics

A turn-based tactical game with minesweeper-inspired mechanics. Play the campaign to learn what Katja's planning. · By OneHundredThousand

very fun game!

A topic by Nikki created 51 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 2
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I just wanted to say I had a great time playing this :) the strong focus on unit positioning is great to puzzle over. and finding strategic combinations of units is a lot of fun, especially less obvious ones! like making chains of refineries to get a new unit in the middle of a tight situation. or mass defusing nodes with artillery nearby to blast the resultant bugs- no need to clog up the space with radars, or take too much risk with making a mistake in the minesweeper puzzle that way :)

one thing that feels a bit unfair though is that enemies get to spawn and attack in the same turn. this wasn't much of an issue in the campaign at least, it mostly came up in Infinite mode, especially on Deadly. maybe there's an approach I haven't thought of yet, but it seems like units getting swarmed and destroyed in one turn by newly spawned enemies is more or less unavoidable.


wanted to second this, I've only played a bit but once the minesweeper aspect clicked for me, I really fell in love with this game < 3


Thank you both for the kind words.  It really means a lot. 

All I can say about the difficulty of Deadly mode is... well, it is deadly. I have another unreleased feature for Infinite mode that allows you to customize the difficulty more, but I wasn't able to get it ready in time for release. Perhaps someday I'll fix the bugs and release it in an update.