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the mummy game seems right up my alley 
would love to find it some day

~ ~ ~ -__-

this looks so nice ~ i love all the illustrations and art : 3

will play soon!

thanks for sharing this : ) a nice insight into a history I don't know much about. I wish that RPG Maker game you mention at the end existed xD - nilson

yes! this was quite good... the audio and visuals were striking... a song that i will hear all day ~

this looks SO interesting. can't wait to read through it all ~

this project has a special interest to me - looking forward to all the lost histories jam works < 3

this was quite nice, thank you for your sharing ! i thought that it might end before the abstract scenes.

this looks great - can't wait to try it out. that fox is so cute : 3

just from the screenshots alone i know there is power here (goes away)

im glad that i follow you
and im glad that i played this
this morning.

oh man YES

yes, thank you for this gift~

~ < 3

This is quite good : ) thank you for sharing !

thanks for this

: )

quite nice sequence ~

wow thanks for the nice words : 3

thank you for your playing  : 3

thank you for your playing  : 3
the game is supposed to be a bit esoteric - find orders, take orders, bring orders out
this is my life

Thank you for all your kind words : 3

thank you for all your kind words : 3

can't wait to check this out

i love these graphics so much

thank you for taking the time to play : 3

good time

thank you for your playing : 3

Likewise! : )

thanks a lot for your playing  : 3 i try to make honest works and sometimes it happens..! 

thanks for playing and being a great host : 3

that color palette is so good. it's interesting to me how quickly i'd give up my hearing but refuse to give up my sight. this game works as a kind of essay.

thank you for your playing : )

lol oh! i've never come across it before or anything. good use of it

i love the color palette. this is like a real dire work. it'll stay with me.

there's one image in particular where the character is in bed that is so affecting. thanks for sharing this!

something about the character sprite really feels important/familiar to me

i'll be thinking about this one all afternoon

that palette is intense... can't wait to play this

i always love to see bitsy color schemes and how authors make those kinds of intuitive aesthetic choices. thanks for sharing : )

thanks for this < 3