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going thru mad shit rn - this feels right 

I saw there's a locked txt file with a password... very tempted to find it!

i've always wanted to try OHRRPGCE - thanks for this, even though i will probably never beat it lol ~

idk man lol

Learning Unity is on my list of things to do, too. I feel like 75% of it is just... figuring out the right menu configuration/best workflow haha. Can't wait to see your game!

just curious because the jam is so simple and open-ended.

i'll probably end up using rpg maker because i love it so much,
but might try coding by hand if i've got some charisma to expend. 

looking forward to this jam < 3

great aesthetic/mood ~ can't wait to try this out soon : )

absolutely sublime ~

the spatial relationships here are quite nice. 
your bitsy work is inspiring < 3

this looks great! can't wait to find the password ~

lol can't catch the cat in the basket... i love this game

loved getting this email from itch the other day < 3

the mummy game seems right up my alley 
would love to find it some day

~ ~ ~ -__-

this looks so nice ~ i love all the illustrations and art : 3

will play soon!

thanks for sharing this : ) a nice insight into a history I don't know much about. I wish that RPG Maker game you mention at the end existed xD - nilson

yes! this was quite good... the audio and visuals were striking... a song that i will hear all day ~

this looks SO interesting. can't wait to read through it all ~

this project has a special interest to me - looking forward to all the lost histories jam works < 3

this was quite nice, thank you for your sharing ! i thought that it might end before the abstract scenes.

this looks great - can't wait to try it out. that fox is so cute : 3

just from the screenshots alone i know there is power here (goes away)

im glad that i follow you
and im glad that i played this
this morning.

oh man YES

yes, thank you for this gift~

~ < 3

This is quite good : ) thank you for sharing !

thanks for this

: )

quite nice sequence ~

wow thanks for the nice words : 3

thank you for your playing  : 3

thank you for your playing  : 3
the game is supposed to be a bit esoteric - find orders, take orders, bring orders out
this is my life

Thank you for all your kind words : 3

thank you for all your kind words : 3

can't wait to check this out

i love these graphics so much

thank you for taking the time to play : 3

good time

thank you for your playing : 3

Likewise! : )