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this looks like a very good game

thanks friend : )

hell yeah

niice looking forward to this

super stoked to play these

you knowww

am I cool?!


let me know if you see one that is more homoerotic lol

stoked to get into this 

*puts in calendar*

Alright, let me see if I can help, there's a few different things going on (and they all have very abstract terminology lol) 

1. you leave the dorms and head to the north east area - you end up in the dining hall (you'll know you're there because you cross a bridge). 

2. In the dining hall, you need to talk to your three friends and learn three glitch techniques. There's also a guy who gives you a key.

3. Toward the entrance of the dining hall, a door to the cop statue can now be opened. You defeat the cop inside and then there are three tiles you need to step on to destroy the statue in that room. 

4. After the statue is destroyed in the dining hall, you can go to the south west of the quad and solve the puzzles in the student union, eventually you'll meet a cop in the middle and the statue too. Destroy that statue and the path to the south east in the quad should open up (the protesters should move after both statues are destroyed) - the statue in the quad is not one of the 3 that need to be destroyed to see the ending. 

Let me know if one of these steps doesn't work! (also i like the look of your own glitch games)

wanted to second this, I've only played a bit but once the minesweeper aspect clicked for me, I really fell in love with this game < 3

lol yesss

Dragon Quest 3 got far left low authoritarian. Usually when I describe the game, it makes it seem totally fascist lol but I think the questions I answered about art and narrative and choice bumped it over ~ 

what this looks amazing 

one of the great games about "Party." looooooove

wow this art style is so good, i've never seen anything quite like it < 3

super ready to read this < 3

hellll yeah < 3

oh these look really nice : )

This looks so cute : 3 we have a Queer Games Bundle jam running until May 3 & I think your work would be perfect for it!

awesome : 3

hi! I came across your itch earlier today & wanted to share our queer games bundle with you : ) 

i played thru your demo & it's really nice! if you'd like to join, feel free to : )

This looks quite lovely : ) if you haven't seen. we've been running a jam to find games for a queer games bundle! feel free to join ~

hell yeah

omg this looks so good. i love all the various styles and the super slick color palette < 3

these look so good < 3

very stoked to play this : 3

oh max, we’ve been organizing a queer games bundle here on itch! just wanted to share it with you : ) the jam runs this month, and our bundle will go live in June.

this looks very nice! : 3

hi NARF : ) thanks for the wonderful comment & thoughts ~ 

yeah, it's a difficult lineage to unpack, and i think it reads differently for different audiences - i always get lots of laughs when i have screenshots of bad hacks in my powerpoints at university, for instance, but someone in our community who has more context about where something like that may have come from would read it completely differently, etc... it's tricky to talk about but it also feels super vital and has been with me for a very long time. it's also a lineage that has so many ramifications throughout many digital communities for the past 20 years -__-  I'm glad you checked it out !

mhm : ) thanks for making it!

this looks very touching. looking forward to experiencing it

whoa this looks soo good. can't wait to play it : )

stoked to play this

such a lovely vibe ~

it was a little bit sad but also nice