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cool, just sent you an email : )

honestly no, but i replayed your game today & it really struck me, I'm going thru something similar, perhaps. it's nice to know that the characters get a happy ending, i hope it works out for us all ~ 

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as a boy who is just always thinking about rpgmaker
this is really truly great


edit: how can i send you an email or something? reading thru your blog now

hey zka this is really great. i think it could easily be like 3x as long. i hope you can make more work like this

whoa this looks really great : ) will try it out soon!

nice colors, very simple but
effective atmosphere. dig the
voice sample, would love to
see where this could go!

this looks great, your color palettes are always nice ~

the music is lovely

cool I’d love to hear any thoughts you had : )

wordd I feel that. I hope you have time to check out some of my games ~

DUDE your games look so good. saw it in the indie zine #5. glad i stumbled onto your work < 3

this looks really great, can't wait to look through more of your work : )

i'm  very interested in this

really great color palette

a lot to unpack here... but I can say with confidence this is legendary software

i'll take your word for it for sure especially 
after that --shirt game-- too my god & I think
evn more important if they weren't real we
wouldn't FEEL them, you know?

looking forward to playing this when I get home 

looks amazing < 3 that saturn eating his son lol

the pimple game was too real for me but this game is the perfect blend of real/unreal. i also hope that bacchus painting becomes a thing  again

thanks for playing : ) it was the only thing i could do at this point in time

lookin good


thank you for the kind words & email : )

whoa no ones ever said that to me before, hit me up sometime < 3

just found your work, this looks so good

Lol, thought the jam ended tonight, not last night : /

here is my game anyway:

I'm happy to see this growing and raising funds. 

Fight the power, support each other < 3

A submission:

me neither

I always throw out RPG Maker MV as a tool for visual novel style games. You can easily use the systems in place to make a RenPy sort of game but RPGM MV is nice because it supports html exports that can be embedded directly into itch (there's a person working on an html RenPy export, but I haven't checked out the beta yet). I know it gets a bad rep for being only a tool to make mediocre Dragon Quest clones. It supports images, videos, and has a robust variable system already in place : ) 

I really like both of those ideas, I love a digital ouija board & a haunting sim... still thinking about what I'd like to make

this is really great, sort of feels adjacent to getting over it but with a different mode ~

the sound effects/visuals are just perfect

lovely : )

this is so good < 3

very nice : 3 thanks ~

Yes, same to you, Senpai ~ stay healthy & I will look out for you in video game land. Feel free to call me nilson-kun ~

oh man this is so good

Great, thanks for the quick response : )

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Hi Kronbits , longtime user of your excellent software - quick question: using the latest build of newpixatool, when i go to export, the export file name autofills as "download" and "all files" and refuses to export any images (I'm on a fresh windows 10 install, but this was doing this sporadically on my old W10 PC as well). On multiple open/closes, the problem persists. Tried changing the autofill name but it still doesn't export as anything. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Hope you are well friend : )

edit: confirming that the 64bit version 100% does this, but the 32bit version only does sporadically. I tried using a smaller image (around 2000px) and it seemed to have the problem less.

omg i just played your games for the first time this afternoon & you are such a great game maker omg < 3 not sure which is my favorite out of the ones i played but i quite love this one