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Some facts about ogres

A topic by Enot487 created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 318 Replies: 5
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Hi people! For this moment i made a prototype of my game with prototypes of player, obstacles, items, huds (all of it are boxes actually).  It took me a long time, and I hope to have time to draw all art in a couple of days =)

This game is an endless runner. It's about the ogre, that run from the bees (becouse bees don't like ogres). There is the scale of stamina, that is decreasing every second. Ogre can make "dash" with destroing of walls and pick up different items. All of it decrease or increase his stamina. So, he must avoid the obstacles and try to pik up helpfull items. 

Here is the short video of how the prototype looks like.

I'll be glad to hear criticism or suggestions about my prototype =)

Cool! Can the ogre jump on top of the shacks (to avoid destroying walls for example)? 

Yes of course! I want to add one more floor to some shacks, but I'm not sure that I have time for this...


Finally I submitted my game! One day before the end of the jam) I made the game for a month and a half (only the evenings). 90% of the time was spent writing  the scripts o_O

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First patch was uploaded! Now the intro is more readable and all stuff appears earlier after the start of ogre's running (Dener, thanks=)). Oh yes, and "Extrud Borders"! "Extrud Borders" in all atlases is now one and no more artefacts in the textures! (splashshadow, thanks =))


Now one more feature is implemented! These are baskets that will be put on the head of our friend ogre for a few seconds, when he picks them up. In this case, the basket obstructs the view for the player.