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So trippy! Do you generate sounds procedurally as well?

Amazing project, great job!

This is great, thank you for details about your project it was interesting to read and watch :)

Very nice game!

Sometimes it's hard to aim through windows. I also like your trailer :)

This is very cool! I like that you can explore and upgrade your bots.  Do you generate each cave and rewards in runtime? 

Thank you! 

My guess is that you have a list of injunctions that you assigned coordinates to and are grabbing the injunctions within a certain radius of your selected point...

Your guess is correct. I plot a list of injunctions as weights and then try to calculate which injunctions are farther from a character's life position and which fall into some angle. It works kind of like "line of sight" where view direction points at the center (0, 0).
Some of them could be empty (e.g. "happy" people have fewer problems (x=1,y= 1), people who are not sociable (-1, 1) will have problems with influence, maturity, etc.), but I can increase that angle and/or decrease distance threshold :) the life decisions factor into it, but since the number of them matches the number of family injunctions...

Life decision is raw data and a family injunction is a flavored text to show what this decision is about. I didn't have much time to complete it but right now it just takes the farthest injunction and shows life script related to it. I hope someday to make it work by mixing different scenarios together, adjust for family situations (single parent, foster parents, etc.), and generate some stories where a character will react using his/her family injunctions. 

Thank you! And good luck with Heavy Vertical, I hope to play it when it's ready, the beta is really cool :)

Update 0.0.4 

*Small fixes

Thanks, we are flattered :)

Hey, man not sure if it helps, but I've tested it on Nexus 7 2013 (6.0) and Redmi Note 3 Pro (6.0.1) - no lags at all.

Thank you very much :)

Update 0.0.3

*Bug fixes

Thank you! :) 

Update 0.0.2 

*Fixed pause issues

*Fixed control issues

I think you need to put everything to a zip file and upload it to itch, make sure that you have index.html there.

Already played your game, looks and feels great!

I really like the controls :)

Uploaded the build to itch and google play and prepared short trailer just for fun. 
All downloads are here:

You can download the game here on itch or apply as tester on Google Play.

I think we're almost ready, there're 2 levels in the game. To win you need to slash all enemies on the screen and stay alive. When you win the game you can see the flag with runes :) 

We also added sounds, it was really fun to record all squeaks and zombie noises, haha. 

Gameplay video:

I think it's more fun to play on mobile though, that's why we prepare on screen controls with cool looking buttons. Turns out you cannot record in-game audio on Android.

Thank you very much for reading and watching! 

Cool! Can the ogre jump on top of the shacks (to avoid destroying walls for example)? 

Thank you, if we have time we'll post some art process as well :)

Quick update: 

I think we'll have 2 levels total, because there's a lot of stuff to fix before deadline. 

The second one is basically some variation of the first one - 1 main platform and charging platform in the middle, but now with Volcano :)

I used CBEffects library with new texture for smoke, and I think the result is really cool:

Thanks! :)

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Hello everyone! :) 

We have been working on platformer-slasher called Sword of Power. 

You're playing as viking with electric-powered sword and you need to recharge it when it is out of power. You still give some damage though (it's a sword after all), but it'll be lower then usual. Also there're rocks falling from the sky and we plan to add more monsters if we have time. 

We're using Corona and plan to make it available for mobile and desktop. 

This is what we implemented so far: 

- basic menu

- level with parallax scrolling. We're using Tiled as level editor and actually for everything visual in the game (thanks to Michael Wilson from Ponywolf for cool ponytiled library and Corona Labs for videos, really helpful!)

- virtual camera with shaking when the charging platform rises. 

- skeletal animation for the hero and creeps

- some small things like particles, ui elements etc.


I also posted some updates here:

and here:

It's our first game jam and it's cool to see other projects! :) 

Electrical sword, yeah! When it's fully charged enemies receive maximum damage :) 
When the charge is low you need to recharge the sword and keep fighting. 

Platform :)

Added damage for monsters, some animations and game over :)

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I think we will prepare the build to the end of the weekend, hopefully. 

Just the prototype yet, new update soon :)