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How to... in Defold Sticky

A topic by gamescodedogs created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 592 Replies: 6
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Post here and guys from engine team will help you :)

Defold Forum is the fastest way to resolve most Defold questions. And there's a Slack channel dedicated to this jam: #gamejams at

And you may think ok, are there any games actually #MadeWithDefold - well yes, there are:

But to save you a click, these are the games #MadeWithDefold that started at a game jam last year. All are HTML5 and playable in the browser:

Also a bonus game from a student team in Lithuania:

And here's a decent community-crafted video-tutorial of most basic things in Defold:

also there's lots of defold public example projects at github:

A single good place to start is perhaps the War Battles sample project:


Can anybody explain me how to upload to HTML5 bundle of my game from Defold? There are files .js and one file .html in the bundle. But there is only one image of defold-symbol in html-file and that's all.


I think you need to put everything to a zip file and upload it to itch, make sure that you have index.html there.


Great thanks! You right, it was needed to add all that stuff in ZIP =)