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An adventure game for brave adventurers · By Emiel Boven

DURF Community Message Board Sticky

A topic by Emiel Boven created Jun 12, 2021 Views: 661 Replies: 7
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Hi everyone and welcome!

This message board is for discussion of the system, showing off your hacks/translations/other DURF content, reporting errors, and for clarification. I will do my best to respond to any questions and offer clarification as the need arises. Thanks!


Any way you could detail a complete combat encounter to show how the mechanics work.  Have a fighter-type, wizard-type and theif-type against, let's say 6 goblins? Then another where they are against a single  larger dangerous creature such as a dragon?

Btw, the three attributes seem to be for the "types" above but I see no "skills/abilities" for the "sneaky type".  


That's a good suggestion! I'll see if I can find some time to put something like that together :)

In regards to the types, the system is pretty freeform so when making rolls for specific things like stealth you still just roll your DEX. So the types I describe are no concrete classes but more a direction you could take your character in by increasing these stats and making them more capable in, for example, dextrous tasks :)

If you like the idea of more concrete classes you can check out the Character Archetypes supplement, or keep an eye out for my next project The Electrum Archive, which will have a little more concrete classes, including a type of "skills". Cheers!

Hi,  I ran my first game of Durf last week.  Thank you for Durf:  it was a success.   Rules query please:  can characters burn stress for a buff on a roll vs HD to avoid death?    thank you.


Thank you! 

Regarding your question: no, they cannot :) 

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First of all thank you for creating DURF! I am pretty new to RPGs in general and I don't get the multiple hit dice concept. Is the score of them combined, or do I check each die score against my wounds? Let's say I have 3 wounds and 2 HD. I roll a 2 on each of them. Do I live, because I rolled combined 4, or do I die? If it's the latter, more hit dice would increase your chances of dying, which would not be a far fetch from what I've read about old school systems (it's part of the fun). Thank you, I hope it's not a too stupid of a question.


Hi! Thanks for the question :) 

You check the combined result of your Hit Dice against the number of Wounds you have accumulated :) So gaining more HD will improve your chance of survival, but a bad roll can still kill you.

I hope this answers your question, let me know if you run into anything else :)

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Not author here. Just trying to help.

In my opinion what the rules say is that you add all dice values combined (in your case 4) and you compare it with your wounds (in your case 3).

If the dice total value is less that or equal of the wounds number you die.

(HD)d6 =< num wounds _then_ die

So more HD less chances to die, because more dice. More Wounds more chances to die.