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Me lo he pasado bien, buena ambientación, música y gráficos. Buena mezcla de mecánicas :)

He grabado mi sesión con Playcocola por si sirve de ayuda :)

Genial la historia.

He grabado mi session con Playcocola y he añadido algunos comentarios y bugs que he encontrado, por si sirve de ayuda:

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Pequeño juego pero muy resultón. Me encantan los movimientos del personaje, es mu satisfactorio :)

He grabado mi sesión con Playcocola por si sirve de ayuda

Me encanta el toque retro y minimalista. Se juega muy bien y es muy adictivo. Me he frustrado al final y creo que algunas veces la aparición de los collectables no es justa :) pero me lo he pasado muy bien.

He grabado mi session con Playcocola por si sirve de alguna ayuda :)

:) me alegro que te haya servido el vídeo.

y sí, lo dejé en el nivel 20… ya era mucho para mi pequeño cerebro :)

Tuve algún problemilla técnico y por eso el audio se cortó a veces

Me encanta la estética, los colores, los soniditos y las animaciones.


Añade algunas pistas para llos que se quedan bloqueados como yo Animar las flechas cuando se pone en automático Indicar cuantos niveles son, para saber cuanto me queda Poner un botón de cerrar juego :) Que lo he tenido que matar Gracias por el juego! :)

He grabado mi sesión en Playcocola, con comentarios por si te sirve de ayuda el feedback :)

The most juicy game I have seen later :)

I have an issue with the controls. When moving and start shooting I can keep moving in the same direction but if I change direction while still shooting the character gets stuck until I stop shooting.

Mac OS running Win version over Wine

Yep, games on Mac has to be notarized or they won’t load, most of the indie devs don’t do the notarization of their Mac build and therefore they don’t work.

What works for me is to download the Win version and open it using Wine. It works in this demo also.

Yes, the game has the focus, I can say, because when I click out the game pauses moving/sounding and when I click in it the game resumes moving/sound.

Controls are not working for me:

  • MacOS Ventura 13.1
  • Chrome Version 115.0.5790.114


I’m also locked in the lock-picking section :/. Would you mind explaining a bit about how to solve it?

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Everything in this game is extremely beautiful. The palettes, all of them, the font, the icons, the music, sound effects, the visual effects, the application icon. The transition between screens (I love the transition between gameplay and options screens).

Gameplay wise is not very appealing to me. I find difficulties to make strategies, specially if the movement chain combine vertical and horizontal movements, I can think two movements ahead if both are in the same dimension (horizontal or vertical) but not if the next movements are one horizontal and the next vertical. Maybe if I try more.

Good job!

Let’s see :)

Technical questions. The game loads well to me on my mac. Which version of Godot are you using? because when I export with Godot 4 on mac I can not open the web version :/

Looks like now it is working:

  • Chrome on MacOs
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:) I don’t believe it… looking at the creator’s portfolio

Tiny and beauty… I am wondering what is this room about:

I was not able to do anything there

O, e… this is great! :)

Ah… I see now.. I didn’t have a camera connected :)

Very satisfying :)… it is just this? isn’t it? just the gun a shooting to the empty whiteness

Yeah, congratulations. And thanks for the update, and for being willing to make the PnP version available again in the future

I don’t see the Download button, am I missing something? Thanks

It is too difficult. I would like to have an “easy” mode for me :)

Great game :), I love skidding with the van

So great idea. For me, it would help a lot if the camera zooms out whenever the dragon is flying high so I can target the soldiers from above

As I asked in the “Kingdom Dice”. I am looking for inspiration to make a small videogame. Which kind of license does it have? Can I use rules and art, or part of it, to make a small videogame?

So beautiful work. I am looking for inspiration to make a small videogame. Which kind of license does it have? Can I use rules and art, or part of it, to make a small videogame?

Oh my God. No!, keep me out of this spiral of amazing things I didn’t know they exist :)

No, seriously, thanks a lot for all your support and for sharing your work with everybody. If I can support you in any way just let me know ;)

Got it, thanks. I see you have given it a big thought and the elevated risk of a close combat attack is intended.

Weapons on hand, do they also use inventory slots?

If a character is holding their bow in their hands, does it still use 2 inventory slots?

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I understood the Weapons table now:

  • a) all elements use at least 1 inventory slot
  • b) the +X slot means inventory slots above de default one

Very powerful then. Thanks

Creativity, common sense, and affecting rules based on the new situation. Got it :)

Thanks, I am starting to understand one of the main philosophies on DURF: “combat is danger” :)

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Understood. This is good. Because if I wanted to be a spell caster, I didn’t know if I was able to have a bow, which is my favorite weapon as a spell caster. I’ll ask my players for a round for “putting shield/sword” in the inventory, and another round to “pick shield/sword” out of the inventory

Understood. I’ll try to also use some common sense. It’s difficult for me this part :)

Yes, but for clear reference, I would recommend adding it here. So when you are scanning the rules to see what is going on in a Rest period you can see all the effects.

Roger that

Understood now

Close combat

Looks to me that Close Combat attacks are much more dangerous for the attacker than Range Combats, they have a ~50% chance (on equal characters’ attributes) to be counter-productive. Using your round to make a Close Combat looks to me like a no-good investment because you are giving your target also an attack round over you.

Should not be better if the attacker has some kind of bonus over the target? (I know: in case of a tie the attacker wins, is this enough bonus?)