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This is a great game, I enjoyed the whole session and the multiple endings. I really feel like this creature on that strange World. It was very difficult for me to force myself to do bad stuff to find the extra endings :/

Sadly I am in Mac and I can not play the game but I am seeing the gameplay videos and it looks very nice. I like the story and I can relate to the character :)

no mac build? :/

No mac build? :/

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Great game, great trailer. You have a good hand ;)

I am not very fast gamer and your game is very difficult for me, as a unsolicited feedback I would appreciate to have a more soft learning curve.. at least to have the satisfaction of eating one of the rabbits :)

This is a great game.. well done!

I am following your comments, all so poetic, you have a special way of looking and I am happy these games touched your sensitivity ;)

Great atmosphere ;)

“Any questions?” Yes: who are you?

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Thanks, I’m happy you enjoyed it ;)


The objective it is to make a game that looks like it is a basketball simulator but in short time you realize that it is imposible to control. Little by little the wind is getting more and more strong and weird things happen like cars flying and people falling in the basket court.

At the end everything is flown up and the game ends.


It is a game, but it also a story, a story about me, or maybe about you.

It is about this person, she is alone, but is not receiving this as a something negative, she is enjoying herself, she is playing basketball by herself. She is having fun, making some baskets…

At some point the wind starts getting stronger but this person is determined to make some good baskets today so she persists. The wind keeps growing but our protagonist remains imperturbable doing her best and using the wind dance as part of the game.

How long can we hold out? How strong the wind can become?

Made me smiling

Mission accomplished :)

Love your games, I played all of them in a row :)).. it is a bit pity I can not play them in full screen I think it will make me feel more immersed on them

So nice and frenetic game

Puzzles 9 and 10 are insane :E

Very nice art style, I love how responsive it feels. I am very bad in games and this makes me die too soon, I would love that there is a possibility to continue from where you were killed so I can discover more of the game

I love how you put soul in the games and they are not just a game but a story :)

So beautiful, surreal, oneiric, …

So cute

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I usually run away from this kind of “emo” games, but your drawings captured me and I had to go through the whole history. I was touched. Thanks for it… and yes: “Imagine” ;)

Hi Queen, thanks for the review in your channel ;)

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I am supper happy you are wishing it to be longer, this means you would like more. Yes :) longer hehe.. it took me one month to implement this 5 mins walkthrough.. now I understand how much effort it takes every extra minute of game play.. Thanks for playing and for the feedback ;)

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I just finished my last experimental game “MrHorse is Hungry”

It is an extremely linear, no enemies, 5 minutes adventure surrealist game.

I am very new in all this of game development, with this project I was trying to work with old-school hand-drawing animations.

I’ve just fallen in love with MrHorse and I may use it for another games :)

Suggestions, comments, bugs report are very welcome.

Hope you enjoy

Play here:

Full walkthrough (spoiler alert):

I had fun playing it :)

My strategy was building a lot of cookie face pizza throughers.. But I think there is a bug.. the pizzas projectiles disappear when one enemy is killed, so they are reseted all the time and they never arrive to the new enemies. I made a video:


Great! :)

Oh, I would love to play your games, they look super amazing, would be possible to have Mac version?

I appreciate that the game controller is fully supported automatically without doing anything.. not even very big commercial games are able to do this.

(I my case: Mac with Xbox controller)

So wonderful, it really makes me fell like a child in a playground :))..

I am missing some kind of “clue” system.. I am stuck and I don’t know how to get more achievements :/

OMG, looks like arturito productions has its first benefactor ;), thanks for the contribution bro!

It is not working in Mac Catalina :/

It makes me happy to heard that :).. check the last version ;)

Very immersive sensation :)

It is so great, so simple and so addicting at the same time.. thanks for the game!

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Great music, awesome graphics, nice playability, good difficulty progression.. I enjoyed playing it. Thanks for the game

I don’t know where the game wants to take me.. but it captures me :)

I was scared :)

It is veeeery difficult :)